#EdSheeranLiveInManila on March 2015?

Being a self-confessed sheerio (a term we use to denote our fandom), I cannot contain my utmost happiness and excitement when I first saw this on my news feed. My first reaction was to research about it and to actually look for hard evidence and sincerely wish upon all the stars in the sky that this isn’t a dream. Well, upon researching I did find some things worth sharing, fellow sheerios.

Flashback. A hash tag was developed by Filipino sheerios on Twitter to catch Ed Sheeran‘s attention to include the Philippines in his Asian Tour which will be held on 2015. #EdSheeranInManila even went up the ranks in Twitter as one of the trending topics, thus; I am proud to say that indeed, it was a success, with both-fists-raised-in-the-air kind of feeling.

Rhiza Pascua of Music Management International’s tweet

It was confirmed that Ed Sheeran will be in the Philippines that even the Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino, announced the big news on a Friday episode of her morning show, ‘Kris TV’. Moreover, together with Ed Sheeran, talented artists like Justin Timberlake, Celine Dion, and One Direction will be having their concert in the Philippines as well. 2015 in such an awesome year, isn’t it?

The only question that remains now is when. There are rumors spreading that Ed Sheeran’s most-awaited concert will be on March 2015, unfortunately, this has not been confirmed yet by the higher-ups. Although there are people saying that the concert will most likely fall on March, this is NOT yet called official, therefore; there is still time… time to save money.
As of the moment, we are still on the lookout for the ticket rates and on where the concert will be held. For starters, preparation is a MUST. There will be much bloodshed for VIP seats, this I predict! So better fatten up those wallets, sheerios!
Must. Fill. This. Up.
DISCLAIMER: Check out our update in this, sheerios! It’s already called official last March 25! CLICK ME for the updated version! 

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