When we were studying in preschool, elementary and high school, we were thought everything that we needed to know. We were provided with all the lessons that we needed to understand. We were given answers to problems that we needed to solve. That was before. College is a different place. Very different I must say. Here are 8 tips to survive the vicious life of being a college student:

1. Know the Must-Have’s against drastic weather changes or even monster professors (lol) –I don’t know about you guys, but for me, there are three necessities that will never go off the must-have list: Umbrella, Fan, Slippers. These three can be and will always be used despite whatever weather is at hand, rain or shine. Remember: You don’t only worry about your academics, worry about you and your safety. PS: You can use the fan to slap the evil prof’s face. (Kidding. XD)

2. Learn your schedule by heart –Shameful but it’s been a problem for some of us memorizing our own class schedules. It is a big deal to learn your schedule by heart. Why? Helps you minimize the chance of getting lost through school premises, and oh, saves you from entering a wrong room, with the wrong professor and class inside. (That could be very humiliating believe me)

3. Know how to handle your attendance –Yes, when you are in charge of your own schedule. You can choose what classes you’d want to attend or not. However, be wise when deciding when to come or not. Avoid being absent on quiz days and subjects that are only held once in a week. (You really miss a lot when you don’t attend these classes)

4.  Make it a point that your professors remember your name AND your face –Let’s face it. An average professor has at least 3-4 classes with 35 students so let’s multiply that, 4×35=…. *drum roll* 140! Imagine, 140 students? How do you suppose that one professor can remember ALL these students? And how do you suppose that one professor can grade ALL these students fairly and objectively?  It’s just impossible. And that it’s why, it is your job to make your professor know who you are, and that you exist in his class.

5. When a deadline is given, beat it –Unlike our educators in high school, the professors in college are much more brutal and inconsiderate when it comes to implementing deadlines. So to avoid problems with your course requirements, when a deadline is given, beat it.

6. Take quizzes and recitation seriously –Yep. You’ve read it right. Quizzes AND recitation should be taken seriously, like Dixie chick serious. As we know, quiz is a written record of our class performance which explicitly explains why it is needed to be taken seriously. On the other hand, recitation is very important because it gives our place in the professor’s class. It serves as our trademark in some ways. Study ahead to be prepared for announced and unaanounced recitations.  And by the way, there are many professors who give over-all grades based on 80%-95% of the students’ recitation, so you better watch out.
7. Go out and make friends –It is true that college life is as hard as undergoing a major operation. It changes you, alters your personality, and transforms you to either a worse or better version of you. It is not an overstatement to say that it is a scary world. However, you don’t need to go through it alone. Keep in mind that there are also other kids out there just like you, battling the trying life of a college student. Live by this: More heads, more fun. Life becomes easier. Go out. You are not a hermit crab.
8.      When you fail, don’t give up. –Although no one wishes to experience failure, but if ever you do experience one, NEVER GIVE UP. Always keep in mind that grades don’t solely represent what kind of student you are, or moreover, what kind of person you are. At the end of the day, grades will just be numbers written on a sheet of paper. There are tons of possibilities, lots of second chances. College life doesn’t end when you fail. College life is a battlefield. You win some, you lose some. Be the good soldier you are. Though wounded, stand up and fight for your dreams. 

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