Season Premieres to watch out for this September

I think I speak for the entire college community when I say that some of us are literally dying with stress as we look at our full schedules because September is the last month of the semester. Meaning school works, projects, finals, and wink wink season premieres!

Fandoms, rejoice!

Nothing feels better than the smell of season premieres in the air once the first day of September steps in. After the pile of season finales last summer, the long wait is finally over. I know I’m excited! Excited for the non-stop marathons with my laptop, drooling over Matty Mckibben, or maybe laughing my heart out with the ever funny Schmidt and Phil Dunphy! I just can’t wait for another year of fangirl (or fanboy) drama, laughs, screams, and the whole shebang!

A lot of us college students have our own hobbies that keeps us relaxed despite all the stress that our academics bring. The usuals are watching movies, reading books or just surfing the internet. But my personal favorite is watching TV series, because each and every one of them lasts for months, or even better, years! Nothing beats the agony of waiting for another season to premiere, the exciting thrill of every episode, the fun and loud talks you have with your friends while fangirling over your favorite celebrities. I FEEL YOU! 🙂

So what show are you excited for this month? Here’s a few of my favorites.

Once Upon a Time Season 4 airs on September 28

Awkward Season 4’s Mid Season premiere is on September 23

Big Bang Theory Season 8 airs on September 22

Modern Family Season 6 airs on September 24

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 airs on September 11

New Girl Season 4 airs on September 16


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