The Eraserheads are back in the game

After more than a decade of unbearable silence in the industry, one the most known bands in the Filipino music industry is making its way back in the game. Get ready, ladies and gents! The Eraserheads are set to give their fans another unforgettable music experience.

This month’s issue of Esquire magazine featured the Eraserheads in their cover, together with a CD copy of newly released songs, entitled “Sabado” and “1995”.

As a hardcore eheads fangirl, I literally squealed with joy when I heard about this. As a young eheads fan I wasn’t exactly lucky enough to see or hear them live, considering that they disbanded back in 2002. They had a reunion concert in 2008, and continued playing on international reunion concerts.

And now with Esquire giving fans new hope of the band joining together again for good, or atleast another reunion concert (please!), this only goes to show how widely popular Eraserheads still is, and how big their influence still is in the OPM industry. We just can’t wait to find out what’s next for this legendary band!

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Nicole Chavez

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