Tips on How to Ace Your Finals

HELL WEEK? More like HELL YEAH! Positivity is the way to go as we college students fight the battle of our final exams before the heavenly semestral break. Cramming and drowning yourself in notes and books may seem like the answer, but the real key to acing your finals are good study habits that will keep you away from stress, and bad grades!

  1. Keep the light on – Make sure to get good lighting because studying in a dark room adds more stress and pressure, and you don’t need that!

  2. Repeat, repeat and repeat! – You may have read that paragraph once, but make sure to read it again, and again, and again!!! Nothing’s wrong with giving yourself a little assurance that you won’t forget any information you have read.

  3. Keep your room clean – A messy study area can also add up to the stress and pressure you’re feeling. So make sure to clean up the mess before you study, a clear mind starts with a clean…. study area?

4. Stay organized – Make sure to have your study plans ready as you don’t want them piling up just when your exam is nearing. Manage your time wisely when distributing study hours per day.

  1. Flash cards – the oldest trick in the book. Don’t forget to write down the most important infos in flash cards and read them out loud repeatedly, recite them when you have the time. Make sure that you remember every important detail. This will be very handy during exams!

  2. Maintain a YOU-friendly environment – Make sure that you’re comfortable in your surroundings whenever you study. Do you prefer studying in the park or in your room? With music or without? With snacks or without? Keep your studying habits YOU-friendly, you need to avoid distractions and just be comfortable while studying so you can focus! Focus can take you places, but for now, it can take you to higher grades. So make sure to ace your finals! Good luck!

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