HANDBOOK: A Student’s Guide to Surviving College

College is like a park, if your idea of a park is Jurassic Park or pretty much else where with a gang of clowns chasing you with knives and scary faces. And many would say surviving college, while staying sane in the process, is like passing through the needle hole, but then again, take it from the experts, college is as easy as one, two, three.

This is the first of a three-part series that we shall go into and discuss as well. So here are some of the few reminders to help you get by.


1. STUDY, not just to study but to LEARN.

Learning is far different to studying, and studying alone will not get you anywhere. It’s what you learn in the process that differentiates you from the rest. You don’t just memorize, but you learn it by heart. That way, you will not forget it. Once something is in the heart, it stays there and it does not leave, EVER. So why not try learning instead of merely studying?

2. JOT DOWN, never copy.

In taking down notes, you are not supposed to copy everything word by word. You are assumed to have understood whatever it is that is written on the board, that way, because you already know it, you can break it to pieces and just take your keywords an jot it down so you’d be able to write faster. And when reviewing, it would be easier for you to understand what you’ve written because you knew what you were writing.

3. Don’t fake it, ASK!

As I’ve said, you are assumed to have understood the lecture unless you ask questions, so if you didn’t, well, go ahead, ASK! You can’t self study something you do not know. And even if you can, it’s easier to ask. And it’s also sure that you’ll get the reason as to why it is what it is.

4. If you really can’t, BE COURTEOUS.

Well, some students fail not because they do not know what’s happening in the chalk board, they fail because they show no interest to the subject to that one person you shall never share it to, your Professor. At the very least, make them see that you’re actually trying to learn and are interested in their subject. Courtesy and Politeness can go a long long way once you’re in college. Believe me, we’ve been there.

5. Lastly, (well at least for this part) DO YOUR PART as a student.

The biggest and far the greatest responsibility that you have right now is being a student and actually study. A lecture might not be enough and sufficient so instead of facebooking all night (eherm guilty) try using at least an hour or two researching and reading in advance of the topics you are yet to discuss, it pays off once you’re in class and are discussing it already and you’re the only person who knows what the professor is talking about. Also kinda gives you more bragging rights.


Well, I hope this helps, and when everything else goes wrong, kneel and pray. If everything is still not on their places, try taking a different path. We’ll keep you posted til the next part!

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