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Hell week has been the most dreaded part of the semester by most college students and the only way for it to actually end is for you to make it until the end. The “week” can actually extend to months and it could really be frustrating when fatigue, lack of sleep, impatience and the effect of over-used neurons start to kick-in.

Extra paper.Extra Exam.Extra reports.Extra everything academic-related but no Extra sleep. Your life can get this chaotic during Hell week season. So how do you actually survive?

These were some “hacks” that I did when I was in college that really helped me to get through the week.

1. Respond to the urgency of things.

This will push you to actually plan even if you’re not the type of person who plans. When mountains of paper works and exams start filling your calendar, the only way to get rid of them effectively without confusion is by working on whatever needs to be done first. It’s better to channel your strength and focus on one particular thing instead of jumping from one work to another just to fool yourself that you’re being productive. You’re not being productive unless you get to actually finish something.

It’s okay to multitask during short breaks and free times. This will keep you from getting bored with the first thing that you’re trying to finish. Just make sure to devote bulk of your working time to whichever needs it first.

Trust me, it feels good crossing out bullets from your list.

2. Take powernaps. Have a bowl of candies beside you.

Sometimes this is the closest that you can get to sleep. Push your brain as far as you can but when the invisible white flag starts waving, you better give it some rest. The amount of absorbed information is not directly proportional to how long you stayed in that chair to have a date with your book. It depends more on the condition of your brain and our brain has a peak time for everything depending on your body clock.  Powernaps can improve your alertness and your brain’s learning capability.

The brain also consumes 20% of our body’s energy. Well, if you don’t want your study area to look like a hospital bed with a dangling bag of dextrose supplied in your veins, the fastest way to access glucose is by dissolving a hard candy in your mouth.

3. Don’t drown yourself in energy drinks.

Expect a revenge from your body whenever you cheat on it. Maybe a bottle won’t hurt but there were times that my body took all my energy to the last drop when I cheated on it by taking energy drinks for 3 consecutive days. You can opt for healthier drinks and other alternatives to avoid you from falling asleep such as fruit juice,tea and chocolate drinks. Though not all may directly keep you awake, they can certainly help your body in different ways.

4. Take a walk. Play. Give yourself a break.

Hell week could get really boring to the point that you will lose interest in what you’re doing. Take some time to do some things that you love the most. I remember walking in the mall or around the campus, playing basketball in the arcade, writing poetry and watching movies whenever I get fed up with the temporary routine brought by hell week. This helps to normalize your close-to-insanity (stressed) brain condition and somehow adds motivation that there are brighter days ahead.

5. Keep a menu/list of contact numbers of fast food-chains nearby.

This is for people who live in dormitories. One of the downsides of living alone is that you don’t have anyone to cook for you and there are times that you get so immersed in your task that you forget that you haven’t eaten yet. The best option for this is to buy food before you start (if you have the time) or call a nearby fast-food chain to order your food if ever you get hungry at the middle of the night. Here’s a tip : Whenever you order, announce it on facebook or twitter if you want to pay only a portion of the delivery charge. It helps to be practical.

And lastly, a must do is to keep your faith. Praying and trusting God in everything we do is vital. Just make sure to do your part. Faith without action is dead.

So that’s it. I hope you enjoyed reading and God bless everyone! Keep striving,keep believing and if it helps, replace hell with grace. Let this be your Grace Week!




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