“Huling Hirit” before sembreak

Lying on your bed, laptop in front of you, and it’s either you’re on Twitter, watching a movie, or having a TV series marathon. Familiar scenario?

I’m pretty sure most of us has been doing this every single day this sembreak. But it actually wouldn’t hurt to do some last minute planning with your friends before the 2nd semester starts again. Here’s a list of activities you and your friends can do this week before the semestral break ends!


1. Go on a roadtrip – it doesn’t need to be far away, maybe you could go exploring Manila, or you can also push your limit if you want adventure! The good thing about a roadtrip is that you get to decide where you go, even on the last minute!



2. Movie Marathon – The most common activities you probably do with your friends, but one of the most fun things to do as well! Just pick a nice quiet place and go watch your favorite movies with friends, and maybe watch new ones together!


3. Go shopping – This is actually a good way to prepare for school as well. You can go shopping for new clothes or new stuff for school, while bonding with friends at the mall.



4. Eat! – This is actually one of my personal favorites. Who doesn’t love food? Just make sure to bring a fat wallet (and hungry tummy) for unexpected ventures in exotic restaurants that you might run into.

And the list goes on and on, and on!!! It really depends on what you want to do! We still have seven days! I say you make the most out of it. Because even in the simplest of places, adventure may still await! Comment your sembreak rituals that could be added to the list, because there’s still so much to do out there!

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