Lost in Transition

Gone are the days wherein we could sleep 8 hours a day, or at least 6 hours, perhaps.
Gone are the lazy afternoons of sheer procrastination over our favorite TV series while drinking a cold cup of Milo and taking a bite out of our overly-priced pandesal.
Gone are the nights wherein we stay too long in front of our desktops, laptops searching our favorite band, artist, reading short stories over the famous wattpad, scrolling down through tumblr, facebook, twitter and whatnot.

Is it safe to say that in order to be good iskolar of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, one must have no time over fun and leisure? Well of course not! In this post, I will prove to thee that with 2 magical words, all your cramming and rants about how your professor is too demanding over schoolworks will indeed, end (or at least for a while when you will still have these words in mind),


Yes, dear iskolars! TIME MANAGEMENT is the key to our insensible rants.

Let me tell you a true story. A story about a girl with too much in her head that it gets to her heart. I’m talking about a Nursing student, a Student council officer, an active YFC (Youth For Christ) household head, team head, music ministry instrumentalist/vox and a daughter.

All-in-one bro.

I’m telling you, time management is the answer. Of course, if you are the type of person who forgets things when unwritten, you would need a planner (which I do have) it is a basic necessity for me since I was in highschool.


Set a list of things you are to finish for that day, goals that are possible of course. It should qualify as SMART with the following criteria:

S – Specific. Without being specific, you are at lost with the things you are to do. You would overlook things as “not important” as it seems but actually- is!

M – Measurable. Measurable in terms of how many school works. I would advise you to have 2 major school works and 3 minor ones. That would be the maximum amount of school works per day. I also advise you to get ample time for sleeping for the work you’ve done overnight might not pay-off, either it is studying for a long and hard exam, defending a paperwork or forgetting to put your output in your bag. Of course I do discourage you for doing your school works the day before its deadline, not that I don’t do that, I actually do, that’s why you should learn from other people’s mistake. HAHA!

A – Attainable. Quite self-explanatory. See letter R!

R – REALISTIC. It’s these times when it becomes like love. You shouldn’t commit to words if you’re not sure you can make them through you’re actions. (Awtsu)

T – Time-bounded. Without setting a time-limit, you’re off to a sleepless night full of procrastination over the internet [i.e.: twitter, facebook, instagram, wattpad, tumblr, tindr (oops!)]

Step 2, PRAY!

Not to be religion sensitive, but if you don’t believe in anything, then proceed to step 3 (which I highly discourage). Without faith, you would be lost and in dire need of guidance counselling. As you may notice, the story I was narrating a while back was myself. I am very active when it comes to promoting my faith. (So guys, I am inviting you to FEAST every Friday, 4:30 PM-6:00 PM & 7:00 PM-9:30 PM in SM Manila- Cinema 4, free of charge!) CHAR! Getting back to the point, praying is like MEDITATION, it keeps your feet on the ground, gets you to have a good grip on yourself so you don’t lose your mind. Haha. Leave everything to God but of course, “Ora et Labora”, meaning you should have it balanced- “PRAYER AND WORK”. You can’t depend on God alone, you should do your part and He will be the one to guide you in success.

Step 3, ACT!

Go over your list and prepare the things for the night. Should you need to keep away things that would promote distraction, you may do so. Turn off the air-con if you must to keep yourself awake! Get your head-phones, play music that would make you FOCUS!

Hope these 3 steps help you manage your time. With great time-management, comes more time for friends and family! Spread the love!

I would also like to thank Mr. MJ Pineda for inviting me to write on this marvelous blog he runs. Continue to support it. Read and write! Empower student intellect and love the program/course you are in. You can only do things excellently if you love what you do. Know your priorities and remember: YOU CANNOT SERVE TWO MASTERS.

Looking forward for the moment when I get the luxury of time to write, cause I badly miss it.

Ces’t la vie!
by Trixie Trinidad (College of Nursing)

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