Top 5 : Reasons Why You Should Attend Blogcon 2014

As a student blogger blogcon’s help us learn more about blogging. Now here are the Top 8 Reasons why you should attend TomasinoWeb’s Blogcon 2014 : Rising Above The Ordinary.


1. Learn to rise above the ordinary

Yes there are a lot of blogs out there, some do it in groups and others do it alone. But at BlogCon 2014 you’ll learn how your personal blog will rise from the others.


2. Learn to Start Blogging

Ofcourse if you do not have a blog or have one that’s been there for years and you haven’t used, the talks will teach you how and how to be great at it.


3. Learn the Do’s and Don’ts

No one is born knowing everything, and at BlogCon 2014 you’ll know what to and what not to do.


4. Know Your Identity

On the talks they will teach you how to have your own online identity and how you should interact with your subscribers. 


5. Meet Other Bloggers

At BlogCon 2014 a lot of bloggers will attend so that you’ll meet other bloggers like you, and maybe start a group blog.


BlogCon 2014 will be held at UST’s Beato Angelico AVR on October 11.

To register simply go to Blogcon.TomasinoWeb.Org

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