10 types of “students-on-break”

Before we bid farewell to our beloved “sembreak” (although I know that chances are most schools have already started classes and that most had already bid their goodbyes to our dearest sembreak), let’s list down the types of “students-on-break.”

Sometimes or perhaps more often than not, when you, as a student, are in a situation where extreme pressure and countless academic work loads burden you, the thought of it all coming to an end excites you; the thought that you can finally have a break and see the rainbow after the rain motivates you. It’s at these times that the thought of the coming “semestral break” motivates you. It becomes a strong moral support that keeps you going and going. It keeps you doing everything that it takes for you to cross that rainbow and finally see the pot of gold (which in this case is the pot of good grades and your much awaited rest) at the end of that rainbow. But what does college students really do or plan to do during their semestral break?

For several, a well deserved rest is enough. Perhaps during the first week, most would probably oversleep or take their time in enjoying their slow paced life now that all the stress has come to an end. But after that, of course everyone would be aching to spend their vacation doing what they’ve been dying to do. You know? That thing you want to do. The thing that’s been occupying your mind or might’ve been also occupying the time you were supposed to spend on your academic responsibilities. You can do that now without feeling the guilt of spending too much of your time thinking about it or stealing a few hours of your study time for it.

So here are the types of “college-students-on-a-break” and their type of activity during semestral break.

The “Gala” type.

The Gala type spends most of their days going out to meet people. Usually they’d meet old friends from their neighborhood or their gradeschool/higschool days. This type of “college-student-on-a-break” often can’t survive without them staying in touch with their friends.

The “I-cant-keep-my-mind-off-of-school” type aka the GC (grade conscious) type.

Ever wondered what GCs does now that they’re not obliged to read or do school related work? Well, of course, they rest just like everyone does, however, they’ll gradually come to miss school so badly they’d go back to studying even before the semester begins. They’re the types who’d keep wanting to study.

There are two types of GCs on a break:

The first ones are the type who are convinced that they need to rest to be mentally prepared for the next semester. They try to rest because it would be good for them but they always end up stressed because they just couldn’t keep their minds of off school. They’re the type who finds unproductivity in too much resting that they end up doing something school related. They’re the “hinahanap-hanap nila” type. They are not a PURE grade conscious (aka orginally not a GC on a break type) because they are the type who just got too used to their daily routine during school that their body seemed to have become comfortable doing school work. Some even get too engrossed in their academics that hobbies seemed to matter less. Like they think of hobbies as a waste of time and that they should just use that time for their academics instead. This however can be an extreme or isolated case.

The second one is the type who prepares for the coming semester. This type is the real GC. It’s a common thing for them to do their research and do their reading during break to prepare for the coming semester. GCs even during vacation are GCs. It’s something they can’t really avoid even if they tried.

The wanderlust type.

The wanderlust type, unlike the Gala type, goes out to see the world. To meet people comes in second for them. Although they’re the types who’d likely to already have a group to go along their plans to go around and see unexplored places. These “college-students-on-a-break” are the kinds of people who does camping, biking, hiking and etc. If you’re in for such kind of funs, feel free to join ’em. I bet they’d be psyched to have you in their group!

The food tripper.

I bet you’ve already heard about the common misconception about hunger? If not, let me tell you. You see, there’s a very thin line in between hunger and boredom. People often mistook boredom for hunger so to “pig out” they go.

Okay, so these types are the people who doesn’t run out of ideas of where to eat. It can be out of boredom or the lack of nothing else to do. Okay, so who are these people? I bet all of you have that one friend who often sends you mails or calls inviting you to try out that restaurant or to eat at that restaurant because he/she says that she misses the good stuff the restaurant sells. Name that friend because voila he/she’s your food tripper friend.

The party people.

As the name implies, theese type of people “party.” And no, not that kind of party where you and your barkada eat out at pizza hut to celebrate the end of the hellish semester. Their type of party involves drinking, dancing and meeting new people. They drink there. They dance there. They party everywhere.

The “I’ve got no life” type.

These types are those that spends most of their semestral break at home. They wake up, eat breakfast, slack off while watching TV or surf the internet and automatically direct to facebook, bathe, eat lunch, glue their butts on the couch with their gadgets (can be smartphones, tablets and the likes) glued also on their hands, eat merienda, watch TV, goes back to facebook, eat dinner, watch late night dramas/movies, goes back to facebook, and finally sleep at around 3AM in the morning. In some extreme cases, you can drop off bathing. They ain’t going out anyway, why bathe?

Their days are commonly spent facing screens. The screens can be the screens of laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones and televisions. Soon, these type of people will come to their senses and realize that they’re wasting their time slacking off. Despite the realization, they still can’t, no matter hard they try, do anything else other than surf the internet/watch television. It can be depressing and fattening so I suggest you go out if you feel like your daily routine has become something similar to the schedule above.

The “I better savour this time with my boyfriend/girlfriend”.

They’re probably the ones who are often seen by their facebook friends posting sweet pictures from their date. They date and try to hang out more.

The book nerds.

You know that unsatisfied feeling when you can’t finish a book so you leave it hanging for a while because limited time forces you to. And then when you finally got the time, you crazily resumes reading and reading with the book taking you somewhere magical and life changing that when you look at the time you find out that it’s 5 in the morning. Now, that’s what the bookworms are feeling this semestral break.

Anyway, as  the name implies, they LOVE books. For them, the semestral break is the best time to flip their books open and keep the bookmarks away because they know they won’t be needing it because they’ll be reading non-stop until classes starts.

The fangirls/fanboys.

Among all the types, these type of student-on-break is always the ones who are dying to have a break. Why? Because their bbs (babies=biases=idols) need them. Being a fan is a full time work. Fans read magazine interviews, watch variety features, guestings, dramas, appearances and the likes. That being said, it’s safe to say that the semestral break is the best time for them to do some catching up in their fandom. They need not skip classes to attend some sort of gathering (that I know nothing of because I’ve never done it) or to buy a limited edition version of their idol’s CDs that comes with a free poster, baller and cards if bought on the launching of the CD in SM North Edsa.

The “I need to find a part time job” type.

These type of students-on-break, as the name implies, are dying to have part time jobs because, first, they don’t find it very convincing to spend their days slacking off and, two, they have no money to do what they want to do for vacation. It all goes down to their efforts to get a job. Some get some while some ends up whining and still looking for “the perfect part time job” until time runs out.

So among the types which are listed above, which type are you? Are you none of the above? You, oddball you! How’d you spend your “sembreak”? Feel free to drop a comment and tell us how you spent your vacation!



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