13 sad songs for gloomy days.


“the leaves aren’t falling like they’re in love, they’re falling like they’ve been let go”

Don’t we all have those bad days? Whether it be problems with : College, Friends, Family, Or just the mere fact that we just don’t feel like putting a smile on our face. Everyone gets sad now and then. And it’s okay, so here’s a playlist for the sad souls out there.

Why you should listen to these 13 tracks!

  1. Disenchanted by MCR –  It’s about dreams not working out the way you thought they would. More like, growing up and realizing how life could be one big blur.  It’s not so much of a magical fairy-tale happy ending and is more like another chunk of life to deal with.
  2.  Three Cheers for Five Years by Mayday Parade  A song  about a girl and a guy that were together for a long time. The guy wanted to and was hoping that they could be together forever. But the girl did something terrible like cheat on him. They didn’t talk for a month after he found out and he was hoping that it would fix things and they could be happy and in love again. She was very sorry about what she had done and she wanted him to want her back. He wanted to but he just couldn’t forgive her.
  3. For Baltimore by All Time Low – One of my favorite songs from ATL. It discusses a love that needs to carry on. In short, move on even if isn’t what we all desire.
  4. All Too Well – Amnesia Mash up by 5sos and Taylor Swift – I know what you’re thinking.. that this mash up would suck? think again! this track was so rad, if you think Amnesia’s kinda sad, well just the proper amount of Taylor Swift’s All Too Well makes it worse. And I reckon, everyone should listen to this and be sure to grab some tissue. “I’m not fine at all!” nope.
  5. Just A Feeling by Maroon 5 – We all have that one favorite track from Maroon 5, whether it be a song about sex, romance, or just being a fan of the band itself. BUT! This song is so underrated and allt his time I’ve been wondering why?  It’s one of those songs that gets you feeling emotional all throughout the day. Adam Levine serenades you with his soulful bravado about how he thinks you’re just a feeling that he could forget. Sad, isn’t it?
  6. Cancer by MCR – Second song from MCR, I know. I know. Just a friendly reminder that when you listen to this song, make sure to relate yourself into Gerard Way’s situation and hopefully, you’ll understand the essence of why this song is one of the saddest songs I’ve heard in my entire teenage existence.
  7. Robbers by The 1975 – I praise this band for existing! This track is gold, I tell you. Just imagine yourself hearing this song from your favorite movie. Nostalgia hits you, hard!
  8. Ribs by Lorde – The prodigal child of modern indie music, Lorde. Her song “Ribs” will definitely set you in a sad mood just because I think this song is about growing up and starting to feel alone and different as you get older. We feel you, Lorde!
  9. Sad Dream by Sky Ferreira – Personally, Sky Ferreira wrote this song about her not-so-close relationship with her father. I think we all have those moments, don’t we? She (the singer) still feels guilty for not being a wonderful daughter. She loves her father, but isn’t quite sure she’ll ever be able to express that to him.
  10. Without Words by Ray LaMontagne – The first time I heard this song was when I watched TFIOS with my friends. This song was played during Gus’ funeral and I kinda have a love-hate relationship with this song, just because you can feel how sad of a song it is, literally. It’s about not wanting to be sad  but realizing that- at that moment, there really is nothing left to do but be sad.
  11. Stay Alive by Jose Gonzales – Played during the movie, “A Secret Life Of Walter Mitty” if you’re more into a soul-sad-folk indie song, this track fits in almost every missing piece of puzzle you can fit.
  12. Without You by Lana Del Rey – She (Lana) would trade money, clothes, cars, the fame in general for him. She’s nothing if he’s not there. She would give up her dream, all that she worked for, for him. She sings in the chorus, “Hello, Hello Can you hear me?” She wants to make sure he knows that she loves him so much that without him she’ll break.
  13. Dear Maria, Count Me In  by All Time Low – Funny as this may sound, this song as described by ATL themself is about, ” A stripper wanting to be huge and known all over the world.” But if you metaphorically translate this song, it’s about taking over the world with that one person you would want to do it with. And the great thing about is, that person would really want to spend it with you too.



I am not expert when it comes to choosing the very best songs you could listen to. Just wanted to share with you some songs I actually love listening to when I’m not okay.

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