5 Realizations You’ll Have During College

Once you enter college, you would come into realizations that might affect your current disposition. It is only you who could decide whether you would embrace it positively or not. Here are things you would encounter and the truths behind it.

5 things in life


#5. You need to step out of your comfort zone

Filipino households usually practice teaching and passing on what the young ones need to learn to be independent enough to prepare them for bigger responsibilities. However, other households do otherwise, thus, the children grow up to be either too dependent or too ignorant about the basic knowledge and skills one must be equipped with before embarking upon the journey in the real world.

In College:

You can no longer expect your parents to always be around you and to shoulder your responsibilities all the time. Don’t even bother asking them the secrets to ‘Surviving College 101’ because the only way to figure out is to know for yourself.

In Life:

You need to start doing things on your own little by little because no one’s going to look after you forever but yourself. Learn to explore and discover the wonders of being outside of your own comforts.

Don’t let yourself be held back with fear. You are not alone. There will always be a higher being that would guide you throughout your life. You might even be surprised with the accomplishments you never thought you would have been able to do.

You see, being on your own isn’t so bad after all.

#4. You won’t always get what you want

Some teenagers are used to always getting whatever they want because they grew up being spoiled or they have unlimited access to whatever their hearts desire. But in reality, it will never be that way. Most of the time, things don’t go as planned.

In College:

It is so much better to not expect so much and to just enjoy the moment while you’re at it. You may not have straight A’s or the highest GPA of all but you can still learn as much as you can from the people around you, but make sure that you go with the right people who can bring out the best in you.

In Life:

We may never get what we think we need but just remember that there is a higher being with a greater purpose that intends to always give you what is truly right for you.

#3. There’s always someone better than you

There is nothing wrong if you are competitive or if you always want to be on top. It can be a good way to motivate yourself but you have to take in consideration that the idea of doing whatever it takes in order to win may not always be the best. If you want to step up your game, make sure that you are not stepping on anybody’s feelings just to get what you want.

In College:

There is an abundance of athletic, intelligent and talented people you’ll come across with. You may not be running for Cum Laude, you may not be a part of the Varsity Team, you may not know how to sing, dance or play an instrument, you may not be good at drawing. But that shouldn’t ever make you feel worthless.

You are good at something. Maybe it isn’t so typical, maybe it is kind of weird but you are good at something. May it be doing magic tricks, solving the rubik’s cube blindfolded, or even walking on broken glasses. Never be insecure if someone does better than you do because what you can do may not be something they can do. You are special in your own way.

Don’t be afraid to compliment others and appreciate their worth. Kindness always bounces back multifolds.

In Life:

You don’t always have to keep your eyes on the prize. Winning isn’t always everything. Think about it, the medals and trophies you have earned would only serve as a reminder of your glory days but the the lasting relationships you have gained with people you can relive it with is the real treasure in life.

What matters is knowing and accepting that you may never be the best but still doing your best at all times.

#2. Be true to yourself

Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. You are not born to please others just so you can feel good about yourself.

In College:

It feels good to know that you belong somewhere but going with the flow does not exactly lead you to where you are suposed to be. It is not so bad to be different. You have your own way of standing out and shining through. Remember that you are at your best when you are true to yourself.

In Life:

It is very important to have your own sense of identity. You can only live life to the fullest if you are more than just acquainted with yourself, having a deep relationship with one’s own self would even further maximize your potentials and would definitely bring out the best in you.

#1. Learn to accept failure but never give up

You are human, thus, subject to err but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to stand up once you have tripped and fallen down.

 In College:

You have to face the facts that you may not always ace your tests, you may be scolded by your professor, you may be the underdog who had always been unappreciated. But life doesn’t end there, it is where it begins.

Turn negativity into positivity. Boost your self-esteem. The best revenge of all is to prove your critics wrong.

 In Life:

Everybody is flawed. Your imperfections is where you should gain the strength and courage to make up for it. You see, you are capable of learning from your mistakes and throught it you become a better person. It would be a rough and painful road but in the end, you would be grateful for surpassing all of it despite your hesitations and trepidations.

Accepting your flaws and conquering them, that is true wisdom.


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