Perks of Being A Wide-Reader


Whenever you hear the words “read; books; literature”, what comes into your mind?

Most people would say, “It’s not my thing.” I even had an English Teacher back in high school who said it was his “sleeping pill”. I’ve always encountered people who rarely read books or worse yet, haven’t ever finished a single one ever in their life! Some even mistakenly claim that people who indulge themselves into reading don’t have a life. I can prove them wrong.

Despite all the distractions that our modern era offers, I can attest that reading is still and will always be worth your while.

Here are the perks that can motivate you to turn yourself into a certified wide-reader:

  1. Eloquence

Have you ever been stuck not knowing how and where to start to express what you have in mind? Have you ever felt insecure because every time you try to blurt out your thoughts people don’t get you?

Dear reader, worry no more! Reading offers you fluency which in many ways is more beneficial that you thought it is.

First and foremost, it helps boost your self-esteem because you are a hundred and one percent sure that whatever comes out of your mouth is reliably efficient.

Secondly, it would heighten your social status. Whether you are the type of person who is inexplicably charismatic or is simply reserved it still would be advantageous to be a good talker, to be someone who knows what he/she is talking about.

Thirdly, it might get you promoted! Whether it is in your current position as a Junior Council Officer or who knows! In your future career, your persuasiveness just might get your proposal approved!

  1. Enriched Vocabulary –

Hasn’t it ever amazed you how other people are able to have a spectacular range of stock in their word bank?

Of course, most of us have experienced during a write-up activity wherein we realize that we keep on using the same word over and over again in a paragraph and the redundancy itself is a mar in our work but because we don’t have any other options we have no choice…Or do we?

Absolutely! If you read a lot, you are able to familiarize yourself with a vast amount of words. You will never get frustrated whenever your professor asks you to write an essay or once you are a trainee and your boss requires you to submit a well-written report.

You don’t have to force yourself to read everyday just to enrich your vocabulary. You have to take things slow to ensure that it would really stick in your mind and you really have to put your heart into it.

  1. Savoir-Faire

It is always a good head start to be knowledgeable. You can practice by reading ahead the possible topics in your textbooks that your professor might discuss. So if ever he/she calls your name for recitation you won’t sweat like a cheetah ran after you just because you have no idea what he/she is talking about.

If you’re not the type of person who fancies reading textbooks for a long period of time, you can always seek valuable information in other resources. There are other books which you can consult, don’t limit yourself on what you can know. Go ahead and read from different resources with varying genres. It would induce you with versatility. Never ever forget to filter what you know and what you have read. Know the difference between true wisdom and real trash. If I were you, I wouldn’t waste time lingering around worthless and useless crap that wouldn’t ever in a million years bring out the best in you or inspire you to do good. It would only corrupt you and leave you defeated in the end.

In the real world, it is definitely a must that aside from knowing what you are saying, you should also know what you are doing. Your competency should be enough to suffice for whatever challenges that is set out for you to pin you down.

  1. Creativity

Yes! People who indulge themselves and dive into the bountiful seas of knowledge have a life! It’s your loss if you wouldn’t at least try to get high with our own ecstasy we call imagination.

If you read a lot, you will never ever run out of ideas. Sometimes life can be a wonderful playground. Don’t stress too much. Enjoy and release all your emotions and even possibly make your bizarre dreams come true! I mean, come on, everything starts with a little bit of creativity before one goes voila! It already exists or it is actually happening!

You don’t have to worry about ever going bankrupt just because you desire to travel the world. You can get lost in different realms that would satisfy and even fuel up your thrill-seeking side. Trust me, it can get you to places you’ve never even thought could have existed.

  1. Maturity –

You don’t have to be old to be wise enough in making your own decisions in life. If you don’t want to end up with regrets because of your wrong and bad decisions, fret no more!

Once you have embraced the pleasure of reading, you will begin to reap the fruits of your hard labor. You will start to see things differently; you will build up your own perspective about the world and have a deeper understanding about everything around it. You will no longer struggle about finding yourself because you have your own sense of identity.

You will be emotionally stable and capable to respond in whatever situation you are in. You will be a better version of yourself.

  1. Brain Exercise –

Knowledge is food for the brain. Dwelling into unfamiliar vicinities seeking answers and reasons would train your brain and further enhance its potentials.

Your brain is a mass of muscles too. It needs to get the right amount of exercise that your body does in order to fully function well.

  1. Entertainment –

What better way to get entertained than to read? There are numerous reading materials you can buy anywhere which you can bring everywhere. You even have myriads of varieties to choose from.

If you see it as a boring way to spend your time, think twice. Truth is you don’t choose the book. It chooses you.

Don’t ever let that once in a lifetime of chance to escape from your grasp just because you feel lazy and sleepy every time you do. Let me make it clear that I am not forcing you to do so. I’m trying to point out why you should do so. It wouldn’t hurt if you give it a try.

There will always be that one book that will come into your life that would cater to your every need. Who knows, it might even change your life.

  1. Updated –

With our fast changing world, you wouldn’t want to get left behind. One of the best ways to keep yourself updated with not only what is happening but also why it is happening is to…. Guess what? Read!

  1. Style –

Lastly, if you are an aspiring writer, you can never write anything without reading!

Yes, of course, original ideas would be better but you never would come up with anything unless you have exposed yourself with what lies beyond. You can only widen your horizons if you dare step out of your comforts.

So read as much as you can and write along. If you have a favorite author or writer, you can try to imitate his/her style but never be dependent on it as it is essential for a writer to have his/her own style. Spice your creations with your own flare and stand out!


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  1. “I’ve always encountered people who rarely read books or worse yet, haven’t ever finished a single one ever in their life! Some even mistakenly claim that people who indulge themselves into reading don’t have a life. I can prove them wrong.”

    I haven’t read through the whole thing yet, (and truthfully, it looks pretty boring) but I hope that you wouldn’t portray such a bad image of “non-wide readers” next time. It’s like saying that people who don’t read that often don’t have the qualities you enumerated in the article.

    Keep in mind though that I’m not really holding any offense and ill will to your post. Criticism also makes us better writers, or am I wrong? 🙂


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