5 Food Places for Students Around Manila

“Friend, saan tayo kakain?”

Yes, it’s a hard question. You have to consider your hungry tummy and your thin (sometimes thick) wallet (yes, we know it’s hard to save or even track your money.). Also, you don’t want to be that type of friend who always say “Kayong bahala.” or “Kahit saan”. Trust me, those answers are really annoying.

Now, if you’re looking for a place to eat with oh-so-delicious meals but you’re on a tight budget, we have these five food places for students around Manila just for you!




  1. Manila Bulletin Cafeteria

Now this is the place to be when you have P 100 and you want a full-course meal. Now don’t be scared! They allow outsiders to come in and eat! The place is spacious and well ventilated. They have a wide array of food choices. Be it Filipino food, American food and even Japanese food, they have it here. Their bestsellers are their Beef Tapa (it’s always on the menu!) and their latest addition, the Oriental Pork.




Desserts here are also “patok”! They have cakes, salads, kakanin and crepes that are so affordable, ranging from P 30 – P 45. Their bestselling desserts are Mango Crepe and Oreo/Cream-O Crepe.


*tip: Girls and all of the’Teh federation, they have a cute chinito waiter that will make you kilig!


  1. Santorini Restaurant

This small cutesy food place is dedicated to all the K-Pop fans out there. With all their huge K-Pop posters, fan messages posted on the wall and the TV that airs Korean dramas and Music shows, it’ll make you fangirl or fanboy ’till you jiggle. They serve authentic Korean and Japanese food and the best part of it, it’s so affordable!

Tuna Roll

(Photo source: www.anotsopopularkid.com)

Agno Food Stalls

  1. Agno Food Stalls

“Saan aabot ang P 20 mo?” Uh, Pancit Canton with Rice! Siomai! Gulaman! Being surrounded by DLSU buildings, this became a place for Lasallistas for them to have their lunch or snacks. Don’t you worry now, Non-DLSU students can also visit and eat there. This food court houses a lot of budget-friendly meals. The bestseller is the P 60 ‘Bacsilog’ (Bacon, Sinangag, Itlog) and other meals like Siomai Rice, Fish Fillet etc.. This is ‘turo-turo’ the DLSU way.


*tip: If you’re going to try the Bacsilog, don’t forget to tell them to add the “chizknorr” sauce. And oh, you’re welcome!

(Photo source: www.openrice.ph)




  1. Faustina Restaurant

This one is hard to find. Faustina is a small resto along Solana St. in Intramuros. Many students from PLM, LPU and MAPUA eat here because of their yummy albeit fatty food. Also, this resto became the foodie spot for freshmen, the ‘most frugal ones’. Their bestsellers are Grilled Porkchop, Porksilog, Sisig and Chicken or Beef Teriyaki. Trust us, they are all delicious and really affordable!

*tip: Ask for free soup!



  1. Tori Box

Admit it, we students are all tired of the same old boring chicken meals offered by mainstream fastfood chains. Well if you’re looking for a new twist, Tori Box is for you! They have a wide range of Katsu and Karaage to choose from and yes, they are a bit pricey, but who cares? Might as well get yourself a reward for trying something new or if you want to have a tasty chicken after a long class or exam.


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  1. not based in Manila but I will definitely share this to my brother!! Glad I discovered your website!! Really helpful! Now onto scanning your other articles =)

  2. I will definitely take these tips with me as I move to Manila early next year! I will check these out. I want to try out the Baconsilog! Hahaha. Sorry, I’m just really a fan of bacon meals. The Manila Bulletin Cafeteria looks very promising. I’ll try it out soon!


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