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Aside from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites, we surround ourselves with a variety of apps to increase the functions our Smartphone has and to simply have fun and entertain ourselves through videos, music and books, and the great thing about it is the Wireless services leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) has a developed partnerships and even their own apps to deliver great content,and payed easily by only using our cellphone load, most of them are the apps we can use everyday.  Here is a short list of apps and services that have partnerships with Smart and most of them only requires a Smart Sim.



Google Play Store

For those who want to buy new apps, games and in-app purchases (which is very useful for COC users) you may now buy apps by simply buying the app and select “Enable Smart Communications Billing” and Voila it will automatically be payed via your load or billed on top of your postpaid plan. This is a very easy way especially because most of us do not have easy access to credit cards.



Spinnr is a homegrown Filipino Music Portal and a Music Steaming service, you can download and stream millions of songs for as low as 49 pesos a month without additional data charges, it is also used as a store to buy albums and songs digitally, and the great thing about it is that unlike other music services Taylor Swift’s songs are still available here. You can also access Spinnr by going to their website Spinnr.PH


Deezer Musicdeezer (1)

Not to be confused with Spinnr, Deezer is only a Music Streaming Service and cannot buy songs with the app, this streaming service has more features it has Deezer Flow which automatically plays all your favorite songs based on it’s history, it is also more compatible as it is available on almost all of your devices.




Viewstream is a TV Streaming app which lets you watch TV5, AksyonTV and Live Sports Events, when you download the app itself you can freely stream TV5 and AksyonTV and for the Sports Events it will be pay-per-view asking you to pay via your Smart Load Credits.This is very useful when you get stuck on traffic and want to watch the news.




Blink-Now is another streaming service which doesn’t only stream Live TV it also streams past episodes from ETC, bTV, Jack CITY, 2nd Ave., and HSN any time, anywhere. Also the Live TV Streaming is for free and you only need to pay to get episodes on demand, and again you may use your load to pay for the subscription.


buqo Buqo

Buqo is bookstore, newsstand, and an e-reader app. And was built for Filipinos Internationally, here you can buy all the best selling magazines, books and more. Also they have several promos like free books and discounts on back-issues.Here you can buy all the latest issues of YES!, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health and many more, also some magazines here have an added bonus of interactive stuff like animations, videos and music. So you could enjoy your favorites at home.




Everybody uses Wikipedia because it’s much better that the free dictionary we all download but the
problem is it needs a data connection for you to use it. But now we don’t need to worry for that because Smart has a partnership with Wikipedia which makes it free for every Smart user.


Gamex LogoGamex

Gamex is an online portal which allows us to buy e-pins via their cellphone load instead of the conventional game cards, Also with every e-pin purchase we get free texts, and credits for favorite games like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Garena, among many others. You could also use Gamex E-Pins for purchases on Steam Online to buy Full Games.

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