People are going mad about the on-going Instapurge happening in Instagram!

A few days ago, Instagram began removing fake or spam accounts from its app to give users a far more better experience. While no one paid attention to the announcement about the purging of spam accounts, the rapture seems to be gaining a lot of attention now. As most of you probably know, top international and local celebrities are the ones gravely¬†affected by this, but of course there are those Instagram users who think that losing followers is equivalent to a decline of his or her’s social ranking. So obviously, many users had angry reactions towards the Instapurge – especially the ones who said that they worked ‘hard’ to gain followers.

Okay, so let’s put the reasons ‘why people are mad about the Instapurge’ in a list.

  1. They worked hard to gain followers. Woah. Like, maybe they’re the types who leaves comments on celebrities’ comment box that says “Follow me. I follow back.” or “I look like Ariana Grande. Follow me to take a peek.” or they can also be the “automatic liker”, like you don’t know this person and yet he or she keeps on liking every post you make, like he or she’s pressuring you to like back. Uncool.
  2. Some bought followers.
  3. For celebrities like Sam Pinto who overreacted about losing followers that she thought she lost 14k not knowing she just lost 4k, perhaps it would be their social ranking flunctuating. (Hollywood Stars lost a lot more though. I’m talking millions.)
  4. Less likers. Less likes to fuel their ego.
  5. Their Internet Fame is fleeting, and thus they are forced to accept the reality that Internet fame isn’t real.

Meanwhile, not everyone is mad about the Instapurge. Some find it rather amusing. Like me. Believe me it is. Here are the reasons why:

  1. You get to watch fame whores watch their digital worlds crumble. I heard there’s this person who went from a million to eight. Like woah! Crushed much. Major yikes. Is that your Mommy, Daddy, Nanny 1, Nanny 2, Pops 1, Pops 2, “Bantay”, Intagram and your siblings? Ain’t got no friends to follow yah? #Sad
  2. You get to see who bought followers. Losers. Ugh. That’s just so shallow.
  3. You get to laugh about the rants the unhappy users express towards their loss and how affected they are about their (I don’t know) potential loss of likes now that their followers are reduced (which, I also believe, is very shallow because you know that that person must’ve been seeing likes and followers as some sort of fame status.)

Come on, laugh with me! It’s hilarious. I bet you guys are monitoring your profiles now for unwanted changes in your follower count.

Anyway, as Josh Ostrovsky, a popular Instagram member, says, I’d have to say that it really has been a bloodbath and it has been hilarious.

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