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The saying goes that you should be careful what you wish for; it may go unnoticed, but everything in life goes with certain, rather unpleasant, consequences

You all know the story of Joy- the loving mother who was unimaginably showered with great luck, but for an even greater price.

From the first story, Joy managed to survive life and move on, leaving behind the terrifying nightmare she endured from owning the cursed bagua – or so she thought.  Childless as she is now, Joy strived to live a normal life with her new fiancé, until she met Lester.

Lester, a character played well by Coco Martin, is a petty robber living in the slums. He was paid to steal the bagua from a lady who committed suicide (whose stragic story was shown in the beginning of the film). However, after accomplishing the errand, the bagua did not leave Lester’s side. He then experienced a drastic change in his life: From the slums, his destitute family moved to their very own house in a comfortable village.

The second movie fitted well with the first one like two intricate puzzle pieces. The sequel even showed explanations for the first film, like flashbacks of Lotus feet’s experience while she was still alive, and why Joy didn’t die in the first movie. The movie also gave the strategy of the bagua (you might have to watch it for you to get me here.)

Overall, I may be speaking for myself here when I say that the movie was great – but not as great as the first one. It’s a well written and well directed film. However, some parts of the story are still amiss. Although there are indeed times when you would jump off of your seat from fright.

Chito Rono was able to skillfully tie and cohesively sew the two films together. I appreciate how he brought to life the typical Filipino family and the general quality of life they’re facing. From the water world paradise of Artex in Manila to the Filipino-chinese life in Binondo.

The story also tells us, although subliminally, that everything in life is a choice. You may accept blessings -or luck- as long as you know that you have achieved it in a clean and decent way. Most worldly things can lead to greed, or worse, death.  Most of all, no matter what happens, no matter how painful your past might have been, you should keep on moving on with life, just like what Joy did. It may not be easy, but it is certainly part of being alive.

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Jeannica Mina

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