Interesting Hobbies You Can Start Doing By 2015



Interesting Hobbies You Can Start Doing By 2015




  1. Read A Lot


Whether it’d be a hardbound book, an article from the newspaper, a blog in the internet, what best way to ‘matter load’ than read?


It’s essential to gain knowledge in order to grow as an individual and harness potentials that would further your wisdom.


If you feel like reading is too much of a sleeping pill, think twice. Read something that interests you or intrigues you. In that way you’ll get used to it and you’ll also learn a lot in the process.


  1. Write something


You can start by keeping your very own diary. It might surprise you that whenever you feel nostalgic about the past you can always read your entries to bring back memories of yesteryears.


You can try poetry. It’s a lot easier and also a good exercise. These words that rhyme when added with melody and rhythm can even turn into a song!


You can even write critiques of movies, albums, or events. You can write a review of products you’ve bought.


You can write short stories or even a novel that could open your eyes into realms unimaginable.


It’s one of the best ways to inform, to express, to motivate, and to inspire.


It could also help you increase your writing skills and might also help you excel academically.


  1. Blackout Poetry

I just recently found out about this from a blogger named Camie Juan.

It’s very interesting and challenging. If you love books or you want to try to write poems but you’re still trying to figure out your way around it, then this hobby is for you!

All you’re going to need are: (1) A black marker (2) A damaged book or unloved book you no longer use or need

What you’re going to have to do is mark all unnecessary words with the pen and leave out words you intend to.

Here’s what it looks like:




Don’t forget
to seek the world

Learn and do things
in such a way
as would make them
seem magical

Because the mystery
We lay multiply

They are the silver dust
of God’s blessing
They are little broken bits of heaven



  1. Exercise with Brain Games


These are pretty much accessible anywhere. If you’re the techie type, you can download apps in your android phones for free. If you are more traditional, you can buy crossword puzzle or Sudoku books but if you don’t have enough budget you can buy newspapers because such comes along anyways.


The brain like the body needs exercising too every once in a while. When you keep it as a habit it could improve your memory and even your performance academically.


  1. Get artsy



Quit making excuses. Start creating art.


Art is found everywhere. Like writing, it’s a form of self expression.


You can do so by drawing still-life portraits or anime/manga characters if you’re an otaku. You can paint landscapes. You can make sculptures out of clay. If you’re techie, you can even try digital art.


The list goes on. It wouldn’t hurt if you’d try. It’s one of the best ways to kill time because you’ll have a collection of your masterpieces once you get the hang of it.




  1. Study and practice photography


If you own a digital camera or a DSLR, then don’t keep it unloved. Make the most out of it!


Try taking shots outdoors or indoors with family members or friends. Or you can take shots of landscapes or great views.


You can look up the internet for basis and guide on how to start. You can search youtube for tutorials.


You can buy references in bookstores.

It’s a very enjoyable way to spend time and keep memories.


Not only will your photography skills enhance but your editing skills would also develop and it might come handy anytime!


  1. Critique movies


Awesome movie!

For movie buffs just like me, this is one of the best ways to learn how to appreciate the art of film.


For aspiring film makers, this is one of the best ways to learn cinematography, by analyzing the technicalities such as the camera movement, lighting, special effects, transition, etc.


For writers, you can criticize or review the concept of the movie and it might help you get your way around making and improving your own works.


Along the way, you’re no longer just watching just for the sake of watching. Who knows? You might even become an expert!


  1. Learn to play an instrument

This takes time and extreme passion. But it sure is worth it!

Music is a part of everyday lives. It is also a form of art and expression.

You might even unleash your inner Beethoven or Picasso once you get the hang of it.


  1. Mix and match



If you’re on a tight budget, this is simply one of the best ways to save money!


You don’t have to spend big bucks just to dress fashionably or look decent.

All you need is a good eye and creativity.


Sort out your clothes in your closet of last year’s wardrobe. Keep those you still feel like wearing and give to others or even donate those you don’t need anymore.


Once you’ve steered clear of unnecessary piles of clothing, you can buy a few pieces of staple clothing like jeans, shirts, cardigans, dresses, etc. Then mix and match with your old ones. You’ll surely have fun and your clothes would also look brand new too.


Trust me, it works. Make a statement!



  1. DIY


We’re in the era where most of the things we buy or the products we use can be done at home!


When you don’t have enough money to spend on makeup, clothes, beauty products, etc all you need to do is to Do-It-Yourself!


This will come in handy at most times. Just be creative, imaginative and patient!


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