What you need to know before you enter college

Though college is not as forgiving as some may think it is. Why? First of all, not everyone is given a chance to enter prestigious universities, not everyone gets through the first stage. Second, the entrance exams are the EASIEST part when you begin your journey to the world of sleepless nights and unending coffee refills. It’s not all fun and games as some movies portray. This is the real deal, bro.

Not to scare you guys, but consider this a heads up when you begin a new chapter in your lives. So you won’t get culture shocked as you wonder your way through the obstacles of university life.

Here’s a starter kit for you:

Love your program/course:

I cannot stress this one enough! There this saying that I usually see around the feeds, “Love what you do and you don’t have to work a single day in your life.” If you don’t love the program/course you’re in then you’ll always feel that the work involved is such a burden. In the program/course that I am currently enrolled in, there’s thing I’d like to call a “love-hate” relationship. I do love the work and at the same time I hate it. It is hard and it is tiring! You function because of caffeine from coffee and energy drinks. Though, after all the work is done and you see the fruits of your labor, you will feel that sense of fulfillment that beats all of the exhaustion. When you love your work, you have infinite inspiration to finish what you started.

Time Management and Strong Will to Follow It:

Planners are your best friend! I learned the hard way of appreciating planners that’s why I usually cancel and cram for everything. It is always better to plan ahead and to learn how to prioritize responsibly. It may be hard to say no to Night out but do remember that that test at your 7:00 am class is more important, mainly because your professor is a scary as Dolores Umbridge and you can’t make up any excuses. Why? You must not tell lies.

Be yourself and love yourself:

If you pretend being this Cool Guy of the Block, you will surely have a problem. Why? Because even Amazing Amy had a hard time pretending. Okay kidding aside, people won’t want to be with you if you are not you. If you are true to yourself and you love yourself, only then can you be true and be loved by others. Keep in mind that being jealous or envious towards others is not good for your system. It slowly eats you and fills you with negativities that may reflect your over-all good self. Learn to love and value your blessings because not everyone is as lucky as you.

Have fun and enjoy life:

It all may seem exhausting and tiring, but at the end of the day, week, semester, or year, it is always going to be you who made your college life memorable. Learn to make time for fun. It is always good to balance yourself and not overwork your brain. One rule to survive Zombieland is to enjoy the little things. That walk around campus with your special someone, that hohol with your buddies, that school event you attended with your blockmates, or maybe that party you went to with your barkada that lasted from dusk ‘til dawn. It may not seem like a big thing, but it’s always the little things that make you smile after every stressful day.

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