Reasons Why It’s Okay to be Single


Reasons why it’s okay to be single

You enter college with a smile. You try to focus and enjoy the life unattached to any romantic possibilities. You try to live life normally. But then you look around. Sweat start to trickle on your forehead as you come across a realization.

Everybody’s hooking up and going lovey-dovey while you sit on a corner and eat food all by yourself.

Well, as horrid as it may sound, it’s not so bad to be single.

Here’s why:


  1. Being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely

You see, at some point you may question yourself, why can’t I just try to be like everybody else?

When you’re single, it feels like everybody has somebody except for you. But the thing is, you don’t have to rush things.

As the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait.”

Don’t hook up with someone just because you’re pressured about being a no boyfriend/girlfriend since birth person or just because your ex already hooked up with somebody.

Having a relationship isn’t just something you’re supposed to brag about like a trophy you’ve won. It goes way deeper than that.

So if you’re not ready. If you don’t really mean dropping the three-words-eight-letters bomb, then don’t.

You just might save yourself or someone from heartbreak. We all know things get muddy and cyclical when that happens.

When you’re single:

Like I have mentioned above, you can eat food all by yourself. It doesn’t stop there. You can have your own moment to daydream, read a book, play a song, watch movies, or even travel to places.

Being on your own isn’t a sign of weakness; it means that you can be independent enough by yourself.

And there are a lot of things you can enjoy doing on your own. Don’t be so melodramatic. Solitude is of value too.

  1. You can set your priorities right

Everybody has dreams. Don’t get me wrong, having romantic relationships can really inspire you and motivate you to reach your goal more.

But sometimes it can do the opposite. It can be the greatest distraction there ever is.

Sometimes it can be a reason for us to be held back.

So, for us youngsters, it’d be better to assure our future love interests of emotional, mental, and even financial stability.

We would never have to look back and regret things we haven’t been able to do just because we were caught up by a love bug.

When you’re single:

You can plan about your future or just be spontaneous. But the point is you wouldn’t need to hesitate. Because you’ve realized you just have to go for it to live the dream.

  1. You have all the time in the world

Well, not literally. What I mean is, when you’re committed to someone, in order to compromise you would usually have to adjust for the person to make ends meet.

The percentage of how you spend your life on a daily basis is meant to be automatically allocated to your love interest because that’s how relationships work.

When you’re still immature, inconsistent and unstable you may not want to delve yourself into something you’re not ready for.

When you’re single:

You don’t have to complain nor hear any complains about the lack of time together. And you won’t have to hear any lame excuse about breaking up just because of it.

And to make sure your precious time doesn’t go by wasted, you can challenge yourself into trying hobbies that might interest you like playing an instrument, or writing poetry. If you’d like to go to the extreme you can even try to travel to places, and who knows? You might meet a lot of people with amazing stories to tell that might leave you in awe.

  1. Some things are worth the wait

Like I said, when people rush into things they’re not ready for they are subjected to a situation they never want to be in. Imagine being a beautiful butterfly tangled up in the web of a poisonous spider.

And by the time you want out, there’s no going back.

If you’re going to ask me how anyone would know if the person they’re in a relationship with is ‘the one’, all I can answer is that if you think it’s worth the risk and sacrifice and that guilt doesn’t consume you pursuing it then I don’t see any reason to doubt your decision anymore.

When you’re single:

You can date several people (but not at the same time of course!) or just one. Then when you’ve chosen to commit that’s when you ask yourself if you’re finally ready to take the plunge into the seas of the magical unknown.


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