This year, a lot of women have been cutting their hair short because apart from being stylish it’s also practical!

Before you do head straight off to the salon, I’ll take you on a detour.

A friend of mine recently got her hair cut short. I was surprised because she had such gorgeous long locks that suited her. However, her new look was very refreshing and it fit her perfectly!


She apparently donated her hair to a non-profit organization named “Cuts Against Cancer” (previously based in Manila aiming to gather hair donations to be manufactured as medical wigs for patients battling the Big C.


I was immediately intrigued as to what inspired her to do so. I decided to conduct an interview.

Q &A

  • How did you know about the organization?

“I was trying to find where I could donate my hair for child cancer patients after watching a television segment of people doing so. Then I discovered”

  • What inspired you to do so?

“I’ve always wanted to help others even in simple ways.”

  • Why do you think that this cause is significant to promote?

“Instead of going to waste, by donating your hair, it would benefit those in need especially cancer patients. Even in those little things it will bring them happiness.”

  • What impact would this leave the beneficiaries?

“It would motivate them to fight more, live a normal life and to never give up.”


After learning more about it, I felt a sudden urge to follow my friend’s footsteps.

Back then, my grandmother passed away because of the Big C. It was indeed a struggle for all of us. It was heartbreaking to see her endure the pain. We did our best so that she would never feel alone in her fight, to keep her strengthened and determined.

I know it’s not much, but for these people, who after chemotherapy had lost their hair, it is a big deal.

For most women (or even men) with long hair, they treat it as their prized possession. But wouldn’t it be a lot better if we try to share the experience and joy of having one’s own crowning glory?

I have encouraged another friend of mine to make the cut on the first of February before attending The Vamps’ first concert here in Manila.

IMG_7467 IMG_7469

If you’re interested in making the cut and donating your hair, here are steps you should follow:

  1. Find a good hairdresser or just ask your mom or dad to cut your hair (Take note: it must be at least 12 inches of length)

  2. Be sure to tie the hair with an elastic band

  3. Secure it in a zip lock

  4. Insert a piece of paper with information such as your name, email address, phone number, branch of Papemelroti Store

  5. Just go to any branch of Papemelroti Store in nearby malls and approach their staff


You won’t only look good but also feel good going for the cut!


They would notify you via text whether your donation has already been delivered. You would also receive an e-certificate as their appreciation for your kindness.


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