Instagram Adds Looping Videos

Making Vines is slowly becoming a trend especially in college students because of its easy to use video recording and editing features. It’s a challenge for everyone to fit their messages within 6 seconds.

On Instagram’s latest update they take another feature from Vine by tweaking its interface and adding automatically looping videos. It might be easier to show friends and family as videos automatically loop, but it seems to be more of a rip-off. Unlike Vine, Instagram has a 15 second video limit and is not really meant to be looped. Also, even though Instagram added video sharing features it is still more often used for photo sharing.

Despite the praise for Instagram during the Instapurge, a lot of users still got mad because videos played automatically like in our facebook newsfeeds because it uses up mobile data. As of now Instagram still doesn’t have the loop count but I wouldn’t be surprised if they have it on the next update.

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