Smart Free Internet is EXTENDED

Love free internet and watching videos online but hate the extra charges? Good news, my friend! Smart Communications Inc. has announced that its Free Internet promo for ALL Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular subscribers has been extended to February 28, 2015! OMG? OMG! And the better news is that it now includes video streaming! Yes, video streaming for free!

Through the Smart Free Internet promo, millions of Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular subscribers all over the country, can use their data-enabled devices to access the Internet without data charges, for up to 30MB daily! With this free 30MB, you can enjoy watching videos on Youtube, Vimeo or Daily motion, browse through our Facebooks, Twitters and Instagram, read and update your blogs, and of course, search on Google or Wikipedia for your assignments and ease your sudden curiosity of stuffs such as “What was the first word of Kate Middleton’s and Prince William’s son?” (I, really, am curious.)

You can also send and receive emails, listen to songs online through Smart’s Spinnr or Spotify, and most importantly: online shopping without incurring data charges! (Yay!)

Wan’t to know a secret? “Smart continues to have the largest and most advanced network in the country today, with a total of 24,938 cellular/broadband base stations, including 9,946 active 4G/HSPA+/Long-Term Evolution (LTE) base stations, supported by more than 90,000 kilometers of fiber-optic cables around the country.” Wow!

So grab that mobile phone now and register by texting FREE to 9999 for all Smart, Talk N Text and Sun Cellular Subscribers. Enjoy unlimited and fast internet from Smart Communications Inc. until February 28.


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Sabrina Salazar

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