5 Reasons why you shouldn’t buy the new MacBook

Don’t get me wrong. I love Apple, but the release of their new laptop just made me very mad.

1. It’s virtually empty inside.
Yup! THAT is the whole chipset. They call it “innovation” and I just wonder how it will actually work. Even the iPad has a bigger one.

2. It’s so thin, even a short drop will do damage.


I have seen a lot of Apple products getting dents and cracks from the tiniest of accidents. By being thinner, it will be more prone to them. I have seen the iPhone 6 Plus having a dent by just sliding from it’s case and falling from a table, so I won’t be shocked if it happens to this device.

3. Not Upgradeable


One big factor for me is the upgradeability of the Mac because you can repurpose them like if you feel like you need more RAM. Some ultrabooks today even have soldered RAMs, but you still have the option to upgrade the hard drive to a faster SSD one. You can’t do that with the new MacBook.

4. It’s not powerful enough


Apple made a lot of sacrifices just to make it super thin, and performance is one of them. It would surely be enough for media consumption, but it won’t come in handy for photo and video editing. And it only has a dual core processor. So much “innovation.”

5. Only has 1 port.

Before Apple ditched the floppy disk and only had a CD-ROM drive, it was okay because CDs were becoming the standard media storage device. I already hated it when they removed the DVD drive from laptops but removing the USB Ports is just too much. You’re going to need to buy the adapters separately, and that’s such a hassle.

That’s not even all of it! It’s not compatible with the Apple Remote. It only has a 480p camera. The Apple logo doesn’t even glow anymore. Apple sacrificed a lot just to make a superthin laptop that’s good for basically just word processing. Go buy a Chromebook instead.

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