Clash of Clans update may blow you away

The hit game clash of clans, added a new defense on their latest update, named the “Air Sweeper”

Because quite a lot of users’ technique is to first attack all air defenses through ground attacks and continue by having a full on air attack.

I am sure quite a lot of users will hate this update specially those who use the said technique above.

The air sweeper does not do any damage but instead blows air attacks away by blowing lots of air to keep the enemies from attacking your town hall and other defenses.

The level 1 air sweeper will be available at Town Hall 6, and blow around an estimate of 110°, it has 8 settings that overlap a bit to further customize your defense.

This will greatly change the attack techniques of a lot of players from Townhalls 6-10, also the enemies won’t see where the air sweeper faces to furthermore increase it’s use.

So what do you think about CoC’s new update? Leave your comments below.

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