Steady My Heart

Feeling broken?
Feeling sad?
Felt like no one in this world sheds a care for you?
Having a hard time coping with life’s challenges?



“Wish it could be easy,

why is life so messy,

why is pain a part of us?

There are days I feel like nothing ever goes right,

sometimes it just hurts so much. “


Life is a vague thing.

It is a package full of surprises.

You cannot control everything that happens in it.

Sometimes you cannot understand where it leads you.

Maybe to a path full of roses or a path full of thorns.

One second it leads you to celebrate victories,

Another second it leads you to face failures.

It may let you take a glance on happiness,

but also lets you take a glance on sadness.



Frustrating it may be, right?

You may ask, “Why do we have to deal with life’s changing personality?”

Others may say that “Life is unfair.”

Gazillion of thoughts may creep up in your mind as you start complaining how your life has been doing.

But did it ever reached a point where you decided to just go with the flow?

Did you ever just took a minute to reflect on the happenings in your life?

Did it ever reached a point in your life to turn to someone who knows all the answers to your unending questions?

Did you ever tried to cast all your worries, fears, doubts, insecurities, agonies, sadness to the one who has been with you even though He is not present physically?

Did you ever tried to call unto the LORD for help?



“But you’re here,

you’re real,

I know I can trust you.


Even when it hurts,

Even when it’s hard

Even when it all just falls apart,

I will run to you cause I know that you are,

Lover of my soul,

Healer of my scars,

You steady my heart”



Every day we are attacked by different problems;

Crying over wounded hearts,

Difficulties in restoring broken relationships,

Mourning over a loss,

Grieving over a past relationships.

and others to follow.

It may hurt us emotionally and causes us to break down and cry.

You have many friends, but none of them understands you.

You may ask an advice but none of it comforts you.

You try to isolate yourself and let yourself drown with depression.

Honestly, people may get tired of hearing your dramas




“And I will run to you,

Find refuge in your arms,

And I will sing to you

Cause of everything you are,





God is the only answer and solution to the problems we face everyday.

God is the best comforter, you may not see Him but his embrace is the best antidote.

God knows everything you have been through.

He has the exact reasons why you have to deal with difficulties.

He knows why you are facing failures.

Maybe it is His way of letting you know that you need someone GREATER to accompany you in your journey.

Maybe it is His way of telling you to put your focus on Him and letting Him lead the way.



“I’m not gonna worry,

I know that YOU got me,

Right inside the palm of your hands.”


Stand up!

Fix yourself.

Know that you have JESUS!

He’s got you and He will always be with you.



“For I know the plans I have for you; plans to prosper you and not to harm you.

Plans to give you hope and a future.”


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