Buhay Estudyante: The FRESHIE Perspective

I know, you, yes IKAW. I know na naranasan mo na yung iba’t-ibang feeling na maging isang freshie when you’re in college diba? What is the feeling nga ba? Awkward? Enjoying? Memorable? Lost?

When my mother get to decide that I was gonna study sa isang private school dito sa amin, I feel so honored and so excited in entering college at that time. Pero sobrang madami talagang awkward na nangyari sa experience ko bilang freshie sa school ko from enrollment down to the end of the semester.


Ito yung araw na kung saan first step mo sa pagiging college, ang maranasan ang walang katapusang pagpila sa mga offices ng school niyo. Mukha ngang Hunger Games diba? Papasok ka bilang enrollee, lalabas kang mandirigma after series of payments, filling ups, and interviews. Hays. Saklap diba? Well, wala tayong magagawa, it’s part of being in college eh.

May mga time na talagang ma-o-OP ka talaga dahil makikita mo yung ibang co-enrollees mo na may mga kasamang friends o di kaya’y mga parents na talagang out of this world and support with banners and fans talaga gaya ni Wesley Pangilinan ng PUP (kudos!). Well, talagang forever alone ang drama mo sa stage na ‘to dear freshie.


Wag kang mag-procrastinate dyan! Walang magagawa ang kaba mo sa mga ganyanang buwis buhay na mga interview, lalo na’t nahihiya ka sa grades mo nung highschool mo (dahil sa sangkatutak na mga line of 7s mo). Well, good luck! Tip ko lang, be cool and show that you’re totally interested in entering your dream school plus your dream course. 


Yes, may week of welcome kami sa school namin, at gayundin sa inyo dear freshie! Ito yung week na kung saan mangyayari na ang lahat ng awkwardness and lahat ng enjoyment ng pagiging college. Goodbye hayksul, and HELL-oh COLLEGE! Yeah, sa araw na ito, mangyayari ang recruitments ng mga orgs ng school niyo. Flyers dito, at flyers doon! Yung iba dyan, may gimik na ginagawa, para lang dadami yung mga members nila. Try niyo magjoin ng mga orgs, college is boring kapag di ka sumali sa mga extra-curricular na mga activities gaya nito! 


*drum roll*
Ito ang pinaka bonggang araw ng pagiging college mo aside sa graduation mo na talagang soon na soon pa. You’ll meet new friends and new tests. May makikita kang mga papansin sa block niyo, yung iba dyan panay English dahil sa sobrang ka-conyohan. Beware of that freshie! Some might be bad influences! I often knew many people na talagang na-influence sa mga sossy conyos /kanyows/, bar dito, bar doon, night life shiz atbp. Just stay simple dear freshie, be with people whom are very simple, energetic, friendly, and very very kind. Tip ko lang, just be who you are in this moment of time, and also make the right choice of choosing them. 


The coming of profs. Yun yung iha-highlight mo talaga. Scan him/her from head to toe if he/she is worthy to be your teacher or not, pero if not, well, sorry bro, wala ka talagang power na alisin siya unless petitioned for complaints. Chill freshie! Hindi lahat ng profs mo sa araw na ito ay dadating sa room niyo ON TIME, yung iba ay 30 minutes late yung iba naman ay sa next day papasok. Seldom lang yung may mag-sub sa inyo. If your teacher comes, as usual, they’ll introduce himself/herself plus your course syllabi and your grading systems.
After those series of tasks, chill lang, I know na what he’ll do to you all next, he/she’ll tell you all to introduce yourselves in front of your class and ask you na why you chose this college and why this course etcetera etcetera. In my introduction, I recited my name with confidence sakabila na mula ako sa isang public school nung highschool pa ako. Just be yourself okay?  GOOD LUCK AND HELL-oh COLLEGE!!!


1st. Bring your baons, it’s either packed or money given from your mom/dad. Foods at school are very mahal, try niyong kumain sa labas (if you want), there’s plenty of choices you can choose from.

2nd. GUTS. Oh yeah, GUTS. You should bring that ego of yours in order to boost your self-esteem in making friends at school.

3rd. Admission Slips. Bring it, profs might sign those papers for your attendance or for the record.

4th. Paper and ball pen. These two are the most important part of college life. These are your swords and shields in class.

5th. ID. Don’t enter the school without ID, mostly in higher kind of universities/colleges, they might scold you for not wearing IDs.

6th. Wear proper and decent attire. Don’t rush to school with pajamas on, they look inappropriate to everyone. Mostly, in Christian schools, they’re more strict in dress codes, beware of that.

7th. Money. Better prepare your money big enough to buy your required books in your subjects. Some professors I knew will even tell you about your books on the first day.

8th. Starter kits (ex. Maps). This a must in locating your classrooms, some students (if you’ll ask), they might fool you and get lost in the desert.

9th. Wag masyadong pabibo. Yes! WAG PABIBO! If you don’t want to be a class president or annoy the higher years, just be yourself and not somebody else on the first days or few weeks. kasi baka naman makahanap ka ng kaaway or maybe isipin ng professors mo na Ningas Kugon ka.

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