Girls, Ladies, Women – Made it Easy?

The value that you put on yourself shows out in your action, in the words you say, the way you carry yourself and the choices that you make.

A guy once asked me, “You know why there are less and less number of gentlemen out there?” I answered with a question, “Why?” He told me and I could not forget, “Because women have made it easy.”

Why make an effort? Why be a gentleman when you can get away with so much without even being proper anyway?

Now who is to blame, women being easy or men being douchebags? It’s like asking which came first the chicken or the egg.

This is not a blaming game though. It is not a matter of who made it wrong but who would make it right.

Women, you should know your value. Though this is easier said than it could be made true. Values come from home, from family. Unless you are taught this by your parents you get it somewhere else. Then, that is where there is a problem in the process because most often our values are influenced by the media, by our peers or any other circle in our society which most likely also has something wrong with their values.

But it can always be fixed. Always! Some find enlightening from seeing shrinks, others learn by themselves through books, videos, self – help guides and quite an effective mode is through a mentor; when someone else teaches you the right values you did not learn from home. It could from other relatives, from teachers or anyone older than you; whoever has a stronger influence on you. But the best way to fix a person’s core values is learning what God values. Because some have a certain value they place on themselves, seemingly good enough but to others is inadequate. The absolute value is from the one which comes from your Maker. Because no one knows the worth of anything more than the one who made it.

Regardless of what you believe some truths are absolute. And God’s value of you is beyond compare. No amount can equate to your value. No tangible thing, possession, experiences, expressions or anything else anyone can give. God places value on his children in such great regard that He gave – He gave His one and only son, He gave the world for you to subdue and prosper.  So how to know your value – the best way go to the Word – the Bible.

The Word shows how beautifully you are loved, how you are wonderfully made. How you were called, set apart for a purpose, for his purpose. You are special, you are the apple of the eye of the Living God. That is why it breaks my heart to see girls, young women, ladies, regardless of age giving themselves away, to men, other women and to the world. You are more than what you think you are. May sound too sugar-coated, too superficial, too cliché; but it is the TRUTH.


Women, please do not sell yourself short! Please! Just because someone shows you some attention, buys you flowers, gives you chocolates, sweets or whatever sugar related products there is you go ahead and get into a relationship with them. Or when a boy accompanies you home, gives you a ride, offer to do stuff for you. When someone gives you some time, brings you to the movies, buys you dinner, and says something nice to make you feel good, makes you happy “kilig” with all the moves – and here you are thinking that it is LOVE. Do not be mistaken. Because all these things I mentioned can be done by a good friend. But you do not go into a relationship with your friend do you? You do not go making them your partner right?

There is more. It takes more.

Do not take me wrong. I am not negative about dating or being in love. I am all for it when it is right. I believe so much in it that my heart breaks when it is down played. When it is minimized to be anything less. People tell me that I have such high standards, I do not know if that is absolutely true. I know is that I have standards. Because I’d rather have them than to have none and give in to all that seems good feelings but are only temporary. Because being in a relationship is more than the feelings, more than feeling good. It takes hard work, it takes commitment, and it takes your LIFE!

Even God talks about standards and qualities. All over the Bible God speaks of how and when should a man and woman be together.

So Girls, Ladies, Women PLEASE don’t be easy. Know your worth.


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