Shit Happens in College

You were once a person far different from the one you are now. You were once filled with so many innocent dreams, they were so gigantic and very diverse, and then shit happened.

“What course would you take?” that’s the usual question people tend to ask us when our high school years are about to end. A series of career guidance talks, seminars, and even one-on-one conversation with our guidance counsellors, parents, and other inspiring individuals randomly happen for us to finally decide what kind of college life will we choose, then viola, there you are –a college student enrolled in an institution where thousands of other enrolled zygotes chasing gigantic dreams just like you are found.

Before classes officially start, some of these excited zygotes research their subjects just in case their teachers throw a surprise quiz on their first day of class while others just don’t give a crap and solely depend on their stocked brainiac powers.I am pretty sure you are one of the two options.It’s your first day, you have to make good impressions or your college life is lost forever, but no. Your college life doesn’t just end on the first day of class. As you go along with your daily routines of waking up, going to school, study, slack off, and sleep, you come to realize that shits are just starting to get real every day. Every semester, you enroll to tougher subjects added with a bunch of bipolar teachers that will either inspire you to get going or will just kill all your aspirations.

From a person filled with so many innocent and childish dreams, you become a person striving so hard to finish on the regular year given to your course and technically finish it as a regular student. From a student aiming to be part of the dean’s list down to a student who becomes satisfied of a 75 – if that’s your passing grade. Then you start questioning your life, your god, your future. You start asking yourself: Am I still chasing the same dream? Is this the kind of college life I’ve imagined? What have I learned so far? Am I even learning? You start fearing the future. You will come to realize that for one, two, three, four, or five years, you’ve dedicated your life to a routine that choked off your dreams. You start thinking that you slowly became no one. An average college student running for your life to graduate on time and make your parents proud, and fuck whatever the future holds.

Then you grow tired of all these things, like an old headphone extension cord you snap! Then you start hanging out every night with your friends. You drink to celebrate your passing grades. You drink to cry your failing grades. You drink to express your college disappointments. You drink to tell your feelings to someone you’ve met in college thinking this might only be your single shot. You drink because your life is just really feeling shitty.

One day you’ll wake up and ask yourself again: What have I done with my life?

You were a great person before you enter college. You are still a great person when you became a college student and don’t ever forget that. College is just really different and might be really harsh and hard you know, but still you are a great person. Do not be afraid if along the way you start asking yourself and questioning your life. It is just normal, and I guess it is also healthy. Do not be afraid of changing/ replacing your dreams and changing what you really want to become after college because life in reality is a changing cycle. Like the old headphone extension cord it can be replaced by another dream. Some may be affected of all the changes that you will be dealing with–family, friends, and strangers –but in the end, whose happiness is at stake? Yours.

Also, do not trade your long-term happiness to its shorter versions. Don’t get deceived with one time big time pleasures, they are just fancy treasures. It will sound really cool when you start trying things you didn’t want to do before, but do not let these things change your perceptions about life. If you’re tired, just rest and wake up again. Every day is a chance for you to grow. Make something out of this routine kind of life. Make something great out of your extraordinary personality. You are just an average college student, but you can live a kind of college life that would be really different and far more amazing than the others. You are are markable individual, and if shit happened in college, be thankful. You’ve experienced life more than anyone else.

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Jessa Suico

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