What’s In My Bag: First Day of College

Classes are fast-approaching and I am sure that some of you are still used to buying school supplies before classes start but we recommend otherwise, because professors will tell you what you need on the first day. Some of them even tell you which notebook or pen to buy. So here are a few essential items that you should bring on your first day!


  • Registration Form/ID

Some universities do release their ID’s even before classes start and even if you already have your ID still bring your registration form. It’s an easy way to see your schedule and other professors sign them to ensure that you are really enrolled in her class, not just some student who sits-in.


  • Pens

Don’t be that person who borrows a pen from his/her classmates. Do bring a few extra ones for those who did forget, it’s an easy way to make friends. But don’t forget to take them back after.


  • Notebook/Planner

Bring your notebook/planner for your schedule and for a few notes and assignments. And if some of you do prefer to use your gadgets, still bring one in case your battery runs out, or a professor who doesn’t want you to use gadgets during class. Plus, no one can hack information in your notebook like they do in clouds.


  • Binder/Folder

A lot of professors do give out the class syllabus during the first day, the class syllabus is the summary of your semester with the professor it also includes which books to read aside from the textbook you should buy. So have a folder or a binder to keep them safe.


  • Gadgets (and their charger)

Yes, do bring your chargers. Gadgets are handy for new contacts and taking notes like me who prefers to use an iPad for note-taking, it’s not for everybody but it’s up to you to try it. Also bring a Pocket Wifi for your online needs, and even if it doesn’t have credits. Smart offers Internet.Org which let’s you surf Facebook, Wikipedia and other sites for free.


  • Water

Some universities do not have water fountains and sell bottled water at an expensive price, so bring water bottles. It’s an easy way to beat-the-init specially in non-airconditioned universities.


  • Earphones

Most professors are usually late so why not chill with your favorite jam while waiting for him? Or her, for that matter. Also, you do not want to disturb and annoy others if it so happens that your music or podcasts are not from this generation, if you know what I mean.


  • Umbrella

Umbrella’s are a must-have in college, I do recommend a big foldable umbrella instead of those small flimsy ones which breaks easily. It may come in handy if it rains or when traveling at a big campus. Also, a great way to spark up friendships, share your umbrella, win a friend. What a win win sitch would that be?


  • Hanky

Make sure you have a trusted handkerchief to sandwich in your sweaty palms on the day of meeting your professors. Plus, a plaid hanky never goes out of style! Be that stylish chic or the boy next, uhh, classroom?


  • Wallet

Bring just the right amount of money with you also bring your ATM Card just in case professors sell textbooks on the first day, also a few higher-years also sell their old books for a cheaper price. Also bring your flashdrive, keys and Starbucks Card in your wallet.


Another thing, some universities have a very good cooling system and it might get very cold in some classrooms. So you may need to bring a jacket, also other universities are very hot so bring a fan, and some cold water. And that’s about it, if you have a tablet or a smartphone, here are a few apps that you may use at school. If you think I missed one or want to add some details just leave them in the comments below.



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