#WhyMyPLM: Story behind the Hashtag

Yesterday the twitter account @ThePLMayer asked other PLM netizens whether the rumors that, a few PLMayers will not graduate due to the new limit of 27 units; meaning graduating students who will take more that 27 units,”will take those extra subjects in the following year or semester. Another rumor is that all subsidies given by the university will be taken away, like those for the PLM Chorale, Teatro Malaya and etc.

For some reason, PLM is taking away the subsidies, maybe money issues?

And after a few conversations on twitter, it was confirmed that both rumors are true. They also gave proof by uploading a part of the Administrative Order which says:

7.3 The time frame or maximum residency period refers to the number of years required to finish the degree program plus two (20) years grace period. The computation of the residency period shall be reckoned from the time that a freshmen is admitted to the University less the number of semesters/years that a students is/on official/approved leave of absence.

8. Overload

8.1Only graduating students are allowed to enroll beyond the regular load as prescribed in their respective curriculum.

8.2 The allowable number of units for overload should not exceed twenty seven (27) units.

And tweets from other PLMayers confirms that PCAC Members will stop receiving their subsidy.

Another rumor that came out during the trend is that PLM’s best-selling meal “Chicken Chops” will leave the university due to the increasing price of rent. But it is not true since the food stalls wil just be relocated at the University Activity Center. We are all aware that we need funds, but why get it all (or if not, majority of it) from the people and not the City of Manila that is funding it? The City is as liable to the University as its people and everyone that is associated to it. And based on these incidents the new PLM received ire from the students thru the said hashtag:

The students’ voices would mean much more if they will be heard.

So to wrap it up, graduating students who need to take more than 27 units will not be able to graduate unless they take the extra units they need in the following semester or year. What does this give us? It gives us more chances to screw up because we are now aware that even when we do, we always have that 2 years of grace period that we can use anytime. Also, more years of stay (especially when your grades are not as impressive as others who are non paying) means more tuition fee and thus greater revenue for the school. Technically, all the issues and changes that PLM is leading us is because of budget restrictions due to some reasons unknown to most of us. PLM is not the only entity that is liable and is in question, but the City of Manila as well. Funds are supposed to go to PLM but do we see it? Do we feel it? Is it enough? Or better yet to ask, is it really going to PLM? Especially at times like this when the election is fast approaching.

More and more issues and struggles will be on our way but the spirit of the PLMayer will live on to fight. All of our voices are nothing unless it is heard so let us make them heard. Give us your opinion on this.

PLM is going through a phase, it’s changing because it’s growing. It’s the same as an organism, same as you and me, only it is going through its rebel teen stage where it has to identify itself and its role to the scholars of Manila. But nonetheless, it is liable to us, the scholars of the City of Manila.

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