How to be #SuperEpic

Over the recent years, the diversity and quality of new books that appear on bookstore shelves in the Philippines seems to be declining. Proving that is the culture greatly popular among Filipino youngsters, the electronic publishing platform Wattpad flexed its muscles, leading to the wide release of published versions of their best-selling titles, the release of three movie adaptations (“Diary ng Panget,” “She’s Dating the Gangster” and “Talk Back and You’re Dead”) and various Wattpad-based television series that currently airs right now. Expect more of the same in the coming years. But if you are tired of the endless cliché and philosophy you can try “MAY POWERS KA TO BE #SUPEREPIC” by Mighty Rasing. The author continued to be prolific and grounded by basic Christian values. Now that the youth seems to get excited for new Wattpad titles, you can try this book that is literally and literarily for you.

The author had several inspiring statements that you would like to quote on your next Facebook status or Tweet. The language used in the book can be its strongest asset. A huge number of the Filipino youth enjoys reading Tag-lish (Tagalog & English) books. Accompanied with verses from the Bible, the book teaches its readers how to properly use technology (e.g. social media) while maintaining your ground as a good Christian.

I believe that this is the kind of book that the youth should read. The book reminds its readers that the youth holds the key responsibility on making a big difference in this world even in the most little things. The book doesn’t only encourage the youth to participate more in the community but also stated possible ways to make the things they want to materialize. I highly recommend the book to all readers out there, especially the youth, who simply want to learn the journey on becoming #SuperEpic!

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Raniel Lorenzo

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