UP Enrollment : How it really is

“No one has to go through all the bullshit we go through just so we can enlist.”  – UP Student.

I know UP is better than my university, because in our university (a state university) we do not have online enrollment, so we need to do everything manually. We do have e-grades but we are still required to fill-out our class cards and ask for them when the semester ends. But this post struck me I know that it may take days just to enroll but we never experienced camping out. Regardless of school anyway, enrollments are usually stress inducing and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Below is a post from a UP student discussing some unfortunate situations that she had encountered through her years at UP.


Credits to: Kevin Mesa for the photo.

“Paano ba enrollment sa UP? Bakit kayo reklamo ng reklamo eh mura na nga tuition niyo? Saka online na lahat ‘di ba?”

Exhibit A: Econ students CAMP OUT for their own majors the night before enlistment. CAMP OUT. FOR THEIR OWN MAJORS. (photo not mine)

Exhibit B: Student gets 0 units for 4 semesters during online enlistment/CRS batch runs so she ends up going to UP by 4AM just to line up + prerog (AKA beg for a slot) in the classes she needs. THAT STUDENT IS ME.

Exhibit C: Student who has graduating status gets one of her class CANCELLED BY A CRS ADMIN AFTER THE 2ND BATCH RUN, WITHOUT ANY PRIOR NOTICE, just because the college offering the class decided to change the designation, leaving her to prerog for 4 straight days with no results. THAT STUDENT IS ME, AGAIN.

I don’t get why UP is STILL blind to the major flaws of its enrollment procedure. Why do its own students have to SUFFER just to get classes THEY ARE PAYING FOR? Why are some graduating students given a HARD TIME to get the subjects they need to finish school?

UP prides itself in being the top university of the country, and yet why does its own enrollment system discourage its own students to continue their studies? Why is our enlistment process STRAIGHT UP SHIT?


First off, I never expected UP to have this kind of enrollment system. I have always envied them because they have a computerized enrollment process, but let’s debunk that because even when they can enlist their subject through their CRS (Computerized Registration System), still, it’s not a guarantee that they can take it. There’s no accounting in the part of UP as to how many students are going to take a subject so they can provide the adequate number of classes.

Second, why do students need to secure a slot immediately that they have to camp out, the earliest being at 2am? Because some schedules might overlap and they don’t want that. Nobody does. Because that would mean sacrificing one subject or one non acad activity over the other. And we like to keep our college life as balanced as possible. You are not going to be spoonfed by UP, that’s why it became a necessity to camp out to secure a slot in a class.

Next, Can we not open a class once we reach the minimum number of students required to open it? Well, you can. They will open a class, but maybe not in the time slot you wish to have, maybe not with the professor you’re aiming to mentor you, maybe you won’t even get in that class because it is again full.

Some students resort to “perog”. This is where a student has to go to a professor to ask him to take him into class. So basically, a student begging for a slot. Some professors are nice enough to take you in but not all the time it works.

Here is an open letter from a UP Professor

Dear UP Diliman,

Ang sakit ng puso ko kapag nakakita ako ng posts ng mga estudyante ko (or kahit na sinong estudyante pa) na:

“I love CRS … post this … do not ignore this …”
“Sino po ang nagpapaprerog?”
“Please … exchange slots tayo sa …”
“Pipila ako ng 4 AM sa IB Rm 117 … pwede kaya kay manong guard?”
“Oh no … CRS, bakit nawala yung slots ko?”
“Graduating na ako, pero still waiting (on slots) …”

Wala po bang active investigations para sa solutions dito? Bakit laging short and mga teachers and classes? Ano po bang pwedeng gawin?

Our students (and profs) deserve not just explanations, but practical ways to address this (implemented carefully and quickly!).

Rizal said that the youth is the hope of our nation. But how are we to do that when the system won’t allow us? UP’s system is still from the 80’s and so I think it needs to be changed. Times are changing, the demands are changing and therefore, the system must adapt to it in order to suit and serve the students better. Anyway, who is the major stakeholder of universities? Is it not the students?


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