A Personal Opinion of a Psychology Major

A Personal Opinion ofA Personal Opinion of

As we all know that psychology is the systematic study of human behavior and mental processes and furthermore it focuses on the aspects and also the welfare of the human beings. Many of us have wrong perspectives towards psychology because some would say that it is not a practical course and some say that employment isn’t that good for students who will soon graduate psychology. But those ideas were quietly wrong for me. Why? In my opinion, psychology as same as with the other natural and social sciences, it is a broad discipline because it tackles many people no matter what age and no matter what color he or she have, they are all welcome to be touched and be benefited in this discipline.

Psychology also is a pre-medicine because it somehow studies the aspects of human beings just like the cognitive activity and physiological psychology among humans. It might also be pre-law because as a social science it touches how human see, respond, and react to its environment inside the instructions and lawful limits of the state. Furthermore, reactions of humans as they perceive may be studied and controlled through forensic disciplines which may be a great help in the implementation and conducting of the Law.

Psychology may be a great help in our lives because anything we do or think, psychology might explain why these things happened for a good reason. I cannot say that psychology is not a good discipline and furthermore not really a practical course in college because studying psychology is like studying what it takes to live as a human being. Furthermore, psychology is a good course to be studied as same as with the other courses in college. After graduating this course, many I see (either in their Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, PsyD, MD, etc.) may had work in their desired fields (e.g. psychometricians, human resource employee, professors, guidance counselors, HRMD, social workers, psychologist, psychiatrist etc.) and these things I say may be an inspiration not just to me but also to my co-psych major.

NOTE: This is only a personal opinion of the author. No names and other ideas have been tackled badly in the whole article. It is not the intention of the author if ever someone may react negatively about this article, but rather it is an intention inspire people specifically psychology majors in studying their field in psychology.

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