How to Survive the Roads of Manila

How to Survive the Roads of Manila

College is a whole new experience for everyone. A clean start with fresh new faces. It is the time to be as independent as we can be. That is, to live out our freedom and practice decision making that we often needed help in. Although, one of the problems most of these “free willed” freshmen students have to go through is how exactly do they get to school easily. Some questions come to mind, “Should I get a condo near the campus?” or “Will I carpool with someone?” or most likely, “Do I take public transportation going there?” – These are just some of the questions that pop out. Carpooling offers the safest out of the three, but that does not mean the other two options are least favorable after all, there are many options for public transportation as well such as – jeeps, taxis, buses and the lrt and mrt. Suppose you are unfamiliar with the safety precautions, here are some useful tips on how to commute:

  • Be Alert

There are many bad people out there who specialize in manipulation and pick pocketing so it is very important to know very well the situation. Be cautious and be informed. PNP posted the different kinds of modus operandi in crimes to alert people about their tactics.

  • Clothes

Sorry girls but you have to tone down your OOTDs for now. Wearing fancy, short clothes and expensive jewelries will attract unwanted attention especially those horrible cat calls from guys. Better be safe than sorry!

  • Money

Bring the right amount of cash and have emergency money just in case something happens. Know the price to pay the minimum fare for jeep which is about Php 8 for the first 4km, normal taxi charge a flagdown rate of PhP30. There are special discounts for students so take this opportunity!

  • Race against time

It’s no secret that Manila has the worst traffic ever. Know the rush hours because usually it will be difficult to find a ride at this hour. The lines at the MRT and LRT can get very long. Sometimes the jeep and the bus does not leave until it is full. If you have time to kill, you can just relax at a nearby mall or place until the rush hour passes. You can download apps that let you know in on the traffic situations. If you’re stuck in traffic, you can just go down and walk to your destination. Waze is a wonderful guide app to use in finding out heavy traffic situations.

  • Getting lost

There will come a time when we will get lost, especially if it’s your first time. Don’t panic because you can ask directions. There are many helpful Filipinos who can tell you where you have to be. Sometimes getting lost is fun because you get to discover new places for you and your friends to hang out!

  • Be Aggressive

Know your tactics. While waiting, think of a place where you will be staying. People will cut in line and try to push you away to get the good seats. It’s literally first come, first serve. And of course, give way to those who are disabled

  • Follow the rules and regulations

Please do follow the rules and regulation because it is for our safety. Wonder why it’s so traffic? Because people lack self-discipline. People keep complaining and complaining when they, themselves, are causing the traffic. For example, do not jay walk because there are proper pedestrian lanes and wait for the walking signal.

  • Be courteous!

A lot of people usually get frustrated when commuting. Maybe it is because of the time, or the traffic or the heat. Either way, a smile or a simple “thank you” can make someone’s day better. You’ll never know that someone is already having a hard day and you’re making it worse. Being rude won’t make you go home faster than the others.


Commuting is very uncomfortable but it is one hell of an experience. It’s cheaper and you get a bit of exercise. You don’t have to bug your parents or siblings to drive you. You get to see different things every day that you won’t see in your car.

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