5 ugly truths about College

  1. People are selfish
    • they always are, they always have been, and forever will be. People will always choose themselves over anyone, whether be it family or friends or partners. I know your philosophy teacher might have told you that people are naturally good, and yes they are.. naturally good in keeping themselves safe and warm, even in the expense of another human being.
  2. Almost everyone has sexual life, or has had sexual life
    • you need not hide your romantic or should I say, orgasmic fantasies from your peers anymore, because chances are, they already did “it” or are planning to do “it”. College environment provokes everyone to try something else; aside from keeping yourselves busy from all the school works you all need to do, and most of the time, sexual activities suffice.
  3. The professors are evil
    • no matter how kind or how polite they appear to be, one thing is for sure, you’re gonna cry when the grades are out. The thing in college is that, it’s not always about the scores or the attendance that make up your whole class standing. Some professors could be so mean, some would not even compute your turnovers, they’d just rely on what we call “darts”.
  4. You are not a star
    • well, for a very very few lucky people, this is a lie. But for most of you, this is the truth. Whether you graduated in high school as the class valedictorian or as the queen B or the class jock or you’re a millionaire’s daughter or whatever, it would not matter in College, people do not care. I repeat, people do not care. You start as a blank canvas, and that’s not bad, well at least you get the chance to start over.
  5. Not all of your “friends” are your Friends
    • back in high school, you have your bffs and so on other peers, but in college, very few people are here to stay. Some will get behind your back, some will use you, some may even steal your lover, some may just grow apart from you, and some will just find someone else more suitable for them. College is one big “hunger games” and people do not go there just to mingle and make some boo-boos, they are here to graduate and give their families the satisfaction of having someone graduate from a university. Not everyone is happy to have friends, not everyone will have friends, and no matter how hard you try, some people are just not for keeps.

College is a crucial place to live in, it is a never-ending (well, at least for 4 years) series of unfortunate events that will always get in your nerves. What matters is that you stay focused and you just teach yourself how to accept truths like these. Yes, college sucks..

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Kamille Joyce Chua

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