Hugot Kolehiyala, RELATE BA?

Just when we thought our “HUGOTS” were confined in lines, here are hugot poems that you have a very good chance of relating to. Whose heart has never been broken anyway?

Amidst our college lives, we meet several people and it’s bound to happen that you’d meet someone you’d value more than you do anyone else. It’s such a shame for it not to work out but more than shame is the pain it coinsides.

Eh hindi? Iiyak ka na lang ba?
Sabi nga ni Sara G, ikot ikot lang ikot ikot ikot <////3
Mahirap to pero mas mahirap yung hindi ka gumalaw.
Hango sa kanta ni Taylor Swift na Blank Space. De joke. UMASA KA NA NAMAN? </3
Magpakailanman hindi magbabago ang sinisigaw nitong aking puso. 🙂 🙂
Oo nga pala, hindi nga pala tayo >:)


So if there was anything you’ve read that applies to you, go on and share it so the world would know. Life is too short not to say I love you.

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