The Importance of Suffrage & National Elections (A Personal Perspective)

In the case of the Philippines, the national election is fast coming and it will be happening on the month of May 2016. Since it is time to invest by choosing candidates, we must first put in mind the significance of this event. It is stated significant because of its general concern to the future of the nation. Furthermore, we simply vote for the future and moreover for the betterment of the country.

The Election Day isn’t a reality TV show which is covered in the scope of entertainment but rather it is which to be considered a national issue. It might sound an entertainment thing due to the fact to some candidates’ platforms and promises which attracts the ears and the eyes of the Filipino people but in the ideal reality, it isn’t.

Platforms presented by a certain candidate is important but also let us always try to consider some other aspects that may affect the general welfare of the future. It might be an ideal type, that a leader must have a strong personality as well equipped with proper intellect in practicing his/her executive function in the Government. Aside from personality, we must also try to consider his/her past contributions to the people he/she commit service. And furthermore, we should also try to consider a candidate’s track record if it is clean, just, and morally right which will be an abstract criteria in crowning the seat to a certain level of governance,

An ideal leader cannot always be just for the pro-poor, he/she must have the general concern on the healthcare, education, environmental concerns, as well as economic development of the nation. Taxes is debatable to lower or higher to a certain degree but it should have the “return of investment” to the Filipino people in which services and goods is fairly distributed on the concerns of equity. With the absence of corruption, integral development may take its place for the betterment of all.

Corruption is like an epidemic disease, it somehow goes to a systemic state that every members can really be affected on it. But it is not too late for it to spread out and grant it as normal. Furthermore, we voters have the power to prevent this by not voting “unclean” candidates. These “unclean” candidates might have a pending cases on political issues such as stealing the money of the people. Furthermore, we should also vote for candidates who are able to eliminate or somehow reduce the viral issue of corruption inside the ruling system of the nation.

To end this, we must all put in mind the importance of exercising our suffrage. It is not just an act of selecting (vote) but somehow, again, it is an investment for the future welfare of the nation. Investment in which aims for an ideal development and lifting of the current situation of all to a better one. Furthermore, suffrage scopes the concern for all of the citizen pledging allegiance and dependence to the Mother land.

So #PHVoteWisely.

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