Let’s Bring Back the Baon this National Pabaon Month!

I have always loved having baon (packed-lunch) specially when my mom prepares them for me, I had them ’til I was in highschool since my siblings still had them, so it was easy for my mom to prepare an extra one. Like everyone else who just had regular food containers, it’s very sad when you see your food spilled inside your lunchbox, then my mom discovered Lock&Lock.

It really made all my food inside fresher and one of the best things is that there were no more spills! I had it until I was in college but instead of having a separate lunchbox I just keep the container in my backpack.

Today Global brand Lock&Lock, a leader in food container technology, declares June 2016 as “National Pa-Baon Month.” A timely campaign before the school year starts, because as of today people bring baon less and less due to the fast paced lifestyle we live in, where it’s more convenient (and preferred by us) for our parents to give us money instead of baons. Another cause is other people shaming you when you bring baon to school too.

Preparing baon takes effort, but it is a sacrifice that is worth it considering the dangers of unhealthy food choices on school children. The 8th National Nutrition Survey of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) revealed that 9% of pre-school children aged 5-10 are overweight or obese. Among adolescents and teens 10-19 years old, the number is higher at 13%. Overweight and obese children are more likely to stay obese into their adulthood and have a higher risk of developing diseases associated with obesity like Type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, various forms of cancer and other disorders at a younger age.

Lock&Lock helps address this concern. The company will launch tips and recipes on preparing healthy baon choices that are easy to prepare via its Facebook page, Lock and Lock-Philippines; and Instagram, LockandLockPH. The company already introduced trendy Lunch Bags containing Lock&Lock food containers with the revolutionary 4-locking mechanism and resilient silicon seal. You can be sure that your baon will be kept fresh and safe longer without having to worry about any spillage. It is microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe too.

Let’s break the norm, stop the shaming and bring baon back! Join us and make June a successful “National Pa-Baon Month”!

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