Dream Job: The Inevitable

‘Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.’ It’s something you’ve heard– or seen by scrolling through social media– again and again. It’s in the movies. It’s in the magazines. The promise of ‘not doing work’ sounds so sweet to your ears, and the advice makes sense in your head because it’s true: when you do something you like, it wouldn’t feel like work at all, right?

Not many has the luxury to earn through what they want to do and be successful at it. We see it in the hundreds of anonymous faces on our way to destinations. The tired, almost dead, expressions on their faces, eyes that has lost its shine, most of them you meet on the bus or train (or sadly, it’s the one you see at the mirror, staring hauntingly back at you). Let’s face the truth: the jobs that pay are the mundane ones; they are the plenty, tiring routine jobs that no one actually liked. What they don’t tell you is that only a handful can be so lucky.

Putting your passion as your profession is a bad advice. Hear this: Never set one of your favorite songs as your alarm sound as you’ll eventually come to hate it. You’ll hear it on the radio on your way to work and it will ruin your entire day because it will remind you of the many times you’re snatched out of your dreams and swallowed back into a cruel world where you have to put your ‘adult mask’ on and get out of the comforts of your bed. It grates on your ears. And it’s the same with your job. Facing something you are passionate about every single day can get tiring after a while.

So what should we do? We were told to take that expensive college course and were assured that turning what we liked into our career was the correct path to take. There’s a kind of disillusionment that settles, making you ask yourself if this was right, if this was what you had imagined your career to be and if what you’re feeling is a truth to others too. Here’s a better advice (at least, more than simply to ‘follow your dreams’): Get a job that is fulfilling, something you can endure waking up to every day. It’s an important word—fulfilling— when you’re facing many years (of paying bills and trying to be content) ahead of you. Make them pay you for what you are skilled at. And your passion? Do it on the sidelines. Work is work. Passion is passion. Cherish each one of its processes and you’ll find yourself looking forward to the small but sweet chances you’ll be given.

A passion as a profession is really only applicable to a few. Not everyone can be full-time athlete, performer, or artist. Some of us have that office job, staring and sighing at the screen, thinking if this is what modern life is all about. But see, there, on the calendar, between the piles of paperwork, or just hidden from your manager’s prying eyes, is a small doodle, a small written passage, or scheduled trip that says “Hang in there.”

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