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Congratulations for choosing DLSU – the culture of the clogged streets of Manila awaits “fresh meat” like you. For the next three, four or five years or so, it’s going to be a Taft life, alright! With your LaSallian Personal Effectiveness Program (LPEP) coming up soon, I guarantee you that those three words above will be ringing your ears like a last song syndrome come those days. Take cue from your upperclassmen who are backed with experience from the most memorable years of their youth – trust us on this! 😉

Follow the official DLSU Social Media accounts as well as the USG’s. For updates on enrolment, policies, class suspensions and other announcements that cover the university life, be in the know! Social media is a great platform for quick information dissemination. You can also join your respective College’s FB groups and follow their accounts as well to know more on the whatabout’s of your college! It also helps to check out Archer’s Eye when it’s a rainy day – in case you didn’t know, Taft gets flooded easily.


Official DLSU: Facebook | Twitter | Website
DLSU USG: Facebook | Twitter | Ask.FM

ATTEND your LPEP. Know your way around campus! It’s normal to get lost and be shy around your future block mates you’ll be with for your first two terms in your university but it’s time to break out of your shell. New academic life, new you!! Not exactly sure where to begin? Why not download the LPEP app? Technology makes life easier, doesn’t it?

Photo from the Alyansang Tapat sa Lasallista FB Page
Photo from the Alyansang Tapat sa Lasallista FB Page
Photo credit goes to Jeno Panganiban
Photo credit goes to Jeno Panganiban

Deal with the “kasalanan ng frosh” thing. ALL, and I mean ALL upperclassmen have been through that during their first, tender year at the university. It’s a joke NOT to be taken seriously, you’ll enjoy the fun once your freshman year is finished. You’ll understand eventually.

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Save the stress for the person who questions your ID number by just saying the first THREE digits, not the entire eight. You’d get tired of saying the entire eight digits over and over, especially to the upperclassmen or professors you’ll meet in DLSU. The first three digits is enough to identify your batch in the university. It also helps if you memorize it!

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Get ready for almost everyday hiking if you got classes in Andrew. Expect many of your classes to be held at Andrew Bldg. for your first two terms in La Salle. Elevator traffic, even so elevator maintenance which happens more often than it shouldn’t, can drive you absolutely crazy. Line up at least 15-20 minutes before class. My freshman nightmare? University Mall to Andrew 17th floor in 15 minutes. (Nope, never again.) On the bright side of it, it’s guaranteed to help you burn calories from the variety of food choices you’ll make within Taft Avenue.

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.. do NOT roundtrip, nor cut the elevator line. Everyone wants to get to class on time, but at the same time, everyone fights the urge to cut and roundtrip. If your fellow LaSallians won’t catch you, trust me, the guards (sometimes, professors) inside will.

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If you’re wearing a skirt/dress, don’t go through the Henry Sy grounds. Marilyn Monroe wouldn’t be slightly impressed, to be honest. Ladies, hold your skirts especially when using the escalators going up and down Henry Sy building – better yet use the elevators.

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Disperse in the middle of the hallway if you and your friends plan to travel in groups. People want to pass through and get to their classes. Make way and tone your voice down a bit – be a little considerate also to on-going classes. (Calling attention to Pokemon Go players to, ehem..)

Going in Groups

Cut reasonably. Most, if not all floating subjects have incentives of perfect attendance (example, +0.5 in the final grade). If you get in the dean’s list, you get priority enrolment and unlimited cuts – but that does not mean you should abuse it.

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Repeating clothes is COMPLETELY OKAY. Contrary to the belief that DLSU is a fashion runway, it isn’t, really. Well, to each his own – it’s good to come to class well-dressed but the Lasallian community wouldn’t mind much of what you wear everyday. There’s also a dress code to adhere to; and discipline officers are strict about that. DLSU shirts can be purchased in the stores in Yuchengco lobby, University Mall, and Enrique Razon Sports Complex – just in time for the UAAP season this month!

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Don’t sacrifice your values for the sake of looking cool. You’re probably impressing the wrong crowd. Place your principles first. Being yourself is an advice that may sound so cliché, but it’s true. The “cool” people you meet just want to put up a good front. Stay true to yourself. It pays to be open-minded – DLSU is a diverse university.

Dont sacrifice your values

Attend a UAAP game at least once! The thrill – the noise, the chaos, the drumbeats, the halfttimes – it doesn’t have to be just basketball nor volleyball games. Our student – athletes do their best to bring honor and pride to the name of De La Salle. It’ll also be great if you could support and cheer them on! The first game of the Green Archers is scheduled to start on September 7 in MOA Arena against Defending Champions, FEU Tamaraws. For more tips on watching UAAP games, click here.

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Photo from Go Archers

Follow social media accounts where you can live stream DLSU sports’ updates. You can also check out stats and game photos online.

Go Archers | Rektikano.Net | DLSU Sports | UAAP Livestream 

The Freshman 15 is real.  College is a time of exploration, right? That includes food finds too. Check out the food spots within Taft avenue, you’ll never run out of choices. But if you ask me what your best bet is for the ultimate budget meal? Agno Street!

Happy Thursday wisely.  The concept of Happy Thursday began in Taft Avenue. Most (if not all) classes of DLSU end on a Thursday, therefore, serving the last weekday a time to celebrate an end of a stressful week. As time passes, visitors outside La Salle have been flocking the Taft territory for a breather or a chance to meet students within the university belt as well. If Happy T’s aren’t really your thing, veer away from giving in to peer pressure. Going on Happy Thursday’s daily doesn’t make you much of a bigger person either. Drink moderately and party at your own risk!

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Sleep as much as possible, or whenever possible. Do NOT sleep in class! You’ll thank me for this later on.

DLSU’s The Learning Commons (aka Henry Sy building) is the best place to hibernate in between classes. The DLSU Henry Sy Sr. Library serves 7 air-conditioned floors full of books, educational materials as well as other facilities such as internet browsing, photocopying, discussion rooms, instructional media/system services, a cafe among others. Other students go there to chill or to even take a nap in between classes. Be mindful of the nearby students who want to catch up some sleep. Power napping is no doubt beneficial to college students.

Join an organization. College is about finding yourself and working on your strengths. Surround yourself with the people who share the same passion as you do! These groups will not just be a boost in your resumé but also equips you to become better in your field or interest/s. Just remember to prioritize your academics!

Join an Org

Prepare for holes on your pocket during University Week. As diverse as the culture in DLSU are the variety of stores you see everywhere during UnivWeek. Splurge at your risk, but the goodies you don’t typically see during regular school days won’t be around after that! Having said that —-

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Your Journey Begins With DLSU. “Madali lang sa DLSU – DLSU is so easy to pass!” This is completely FALSE. DLSU students work their butts off to achieve desired grades, more so to pass classes. Your journey in De La Salle University Manila begins soon. Brace yourself for three to four years of passion, sacrifice and fun! Animo La Salle!
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Getting into dlsu

And last but not the least, on a not-so serious (but at the same time, kinda serious) note …


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Cover photo background credit goes to Make Pana Blue Eagle

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