Working for a BPO: A Dead-End Job?

The BPO industry opens many doors to a lot of people, regardless of what their status may be. Graduates and undergraduates are given the same chance to prove themselves fit for the industry. Not to mention, it normally comes with good compensation, enough for most people to cater to their family’s needs. But are these the only things that matter? Chance? Financial stability? What about dreams and long term plans? Is the call-center industry a dead end for your career?

These were the same questions I had in mind even back when I was in college. Questions I got answers to when I got invited to [24]7’s LMVP event last August 12, 2016.

[24]7 is a BPO company that has been in the Philippines since 2006. In an effort to recognize all the hard work of their employees, they hold a yearly event exclusive for all LMVPs; this stands for League of Most Valuable Performers. Here, deserving and top performing employees across all departments are recognized and valued. To be part of this means that you are the best of the best, it shows how much of an asset you are to the company.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to have a chat with two LMVP employees that night. One of them was Eleazar Basila – an employee for 6 years and currently a Team Leader Apprentice. Originally a Computer Science graduate, he says he joined [24]7 as an agent for their US Tech account. Though he admitted that it wasn’t an easy job at first, given that this was entirely unrelated to his course, he eventually learned to adjust in this industry.

He says, “Maganda ung trabaho. It’s a good paying job in a family-like workplace. Bukod pa doon, yung perks and benefits maganda din.” (The work is good. It’s a good paying job in a family-like workplace. Aside from that, the perks and benefits are great.)  When asked about career growth, Eleazar mentioned “Maraming opportunities sa loob ng company just as long as masipag ka at may right attitude.” (There are a lot of opportunities in the company as long as you work hard and possess the right attitude.) and true enough, his hard work and attitude seemed to pay off as he was recently awarded with [24]7’s President’s Award – an award given to only 5 people in the company. Being in the company for 6 years, Eleazar mentioned that he doesn’t see himself leaving the company since for him, [24]7 is his second home.

Another LMVP employee, Anna Agregado, works as a Recruitment Manager and has been with the company for 10 years. When asked how she felt being part of this year’s LMVP list, she said “Being with the company for 10 years, I feel that all my efforts were validated being an awardee.”

Aside from the company recognizing the efforts of its employees, she even prides of the company’s advocacy for work-life balance. In fact, she encourages all the young people (especially fresh graduates) to join the BPO industry. “There is life here (the BPO industry). The young people, anyone can thrive here.”

After learning these things and after meeting these people, I can say that FUN, EXCITEMENT and NEW LEARNINGS are some of the things you can gain when you work for a call center company. Contrary to common belief, this is not a dead-end job. In fact, this is where families are formed, where friendship is strengthened, where dreams start off and where hard work pays off. Working as a call center agent doesn’t make you a lesser person. It is an honorable job just like any profession. The BPO industry is an advantageous decision.

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